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  1. Dude.... please tell me what you did. I wanna bring it to a dealership but idk if they will even know wtf to do. I just want to fix this the correct and proper way.
  2. My headliner leaks water slowly down the rear pillars. I need to know if it's 100% from the tubes. I think it is. All my seals don't seem to be old or worn. And I blew out the drain holes and nothing came out. I'm sick of this and I'm pretty sure it's the tuning under the headliner. Please help.
  3. I have the same rims on my 02 vr6 there all chewed up from the original owner. You selling those anytime soon ?
  4. Ant

    Interior leak

    The majority of it leaks from the rear sides of the headliner.
  5. Ant

    Interior leak

    I blew out the pipes with compressed air and have the same problem. I think maybe it has something to do with the underneath of the headliner. Maybe the drains are cracked or disconnected?
  6. Ant

    Interior leak

    I have a mk4 golf gti vr6. Water is leaking in from roof on both rear sides of the headliner and a little bit in the wheel well in the trunk. Any guesses or answers ???
  7. Thank you so much man. I really appreciate it
  8. I have a mk4 golf gti vr6 2.8l. I have absolutely no idea how to drain and change my coolant. Do I mix the coolant with distilled water only? Do I just refil the system with only g12 and that's it? I'm extremely confused on how to bleed the system and make sure no air gets into the engine after I let it run. Do I let it run after filling up the system to let the air out or is that dangerous to the engine? I'm not afraid to say I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing when it comes the cooking system. Please can some one just take 5 to 10 mins of there time and just explain from beginning to en
  9. Yo what's going on everyone. My names Anthony. I've been a Volkswagen fan ever since I was a child and finally bought my first vw mk4 vr6 and would love to know as much as possible. Its stock and in great internal working condition. I wanna keep it stock and reliable as hell. I was wondering exactly what type of g12 coolant I need. Do I stay with g12? Do I upgrade to g12 plus, g13? I wanna flush the entire coolant system and start fresh for the winter. Any kind of help and guidance what so ever if highly appreciated fellas.
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