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  1. Hi, originals hard to find. Have seen some replicas for sale in various (VW) webshops.
  2. Hi, I'm Diederik from the Netherlands and a newbie to this forum! Bought my VR6 (MK III), Dusty Mauve, on 16 June. I was told I am the third owner, first was a middle aged lady that kept it for 23 (!) years. Guy I bought it from, had it for nearly 1 year, kept it as an extra car (his passion is a classic beetle) and drove less than 2,000 kms with it. Car had factory heated seats and sunroof, no A/C or leather seat. Leather seats were put in by the former owner. I have purchased another black leather set, smooth leather, that is now nearly full of leather grease. Got fresh MOT
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