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  1. Simple: 1) Unbolt the drive shafts, prop & trailing arms from the subframe 2) The rear diff would have to be removed at the same time so remember to unplug. 3) ??????? 4) Subframe off! It's heavy but doesn't take that long to do. (Mine's be swapped out recently after 16 years of use.)
  2. Nasty f*ck*rs!! I'd put the message out on other forums too - https://en-gb.facebook.com/thestolenvwregister & http://uk-mkivs.net & http://www.r32oc.com as someone might have seen it around... Don't hold out much hope though as if was in the SE it could be out of the UK by now but let's hope you're lucky.
  3. It could be the valve on the evap canister - this makes a tapping sound and can be quite loud if you've only been driving around town or doing short journeys. I'd put some decent petrol in it and take it for a longer 50 to 100 mile trip. See if that makes a difference?
  4. That's what I'm preparing. He has his final warning shot coming. Just getting the paperwork ready.
  5. I've gotten bored with waiting. DPM will have to get a refund in the next 7 days or things will get costly for him.
  6. No joy yet. Have sent their masters an email asking them to let me know when it arrives in the Fatherland. I nearly coughed up a lung when KW & DPM offered the kit to my insurance company. They were 'WTF are we gonna want with it? We have enough paperweights and umbrella stands in the office as it is.' Turns out they'd only send the kit back to KW anyhow!
  7. Still nowhere near to resolving this! Kit is now in Germany despite it being with KW UK for over 2 weeks. Not very good keeping me up to date. The emails have been hilarious. Even been on at them over in Facetw*t land.
  8. Been a week now and still no answers... Emailed the video of the squeak too. Maybe they are just to deaf to hear that thing! Car doesn't make that noise anymore but I am running some old shocks and springs that feel similar to how the KW set felt a few minutes before the incident... Like driving a bouncy castle: costs a quid, (low mpg) bounce around for 10 minutes, (antiquated suspension) before being thrown off for being sick, (too much jumping).
  9. Had an email this afternoon from KW. Doesn't sound as though they want to honour the warranty. So I replied with a load of questions I want answers to. Ultimately they're covering themselves in the hope I leave it.
  10. Definitely the shocks! We replaced them with my old ones and the squeak totally went. Have sent the stuff back to KW UK now, so will wait and see. Added you back btw.
  11. I shall give them a look, thanks. Got to sort out my current "Quality Items" first. Pics and vids are up on my Twitter feed: twitter.com/der_panzerwagen?lang=en
  12. I rang up this afternoon: not really much help to be honest! I either send them off or get new. Neither is possible right now after the cash I've put into it so far.
  13. I got the kit from DPM performance but they just sent a warranty form. I emailed back to say thanks and that I have a feeling the failure caused what happened. Didn't hear anything further, so wentire onto email KW direct.
  14. Yeah, true... sent KW a mahoosive email yesterday morning about it. No idea how long it takes to hear back.
  15. Yeah that's the thing. I used to have a set of ST by KW on another golf I had and these were fantastic. So I thought I'd get the same, but for the v6. After 2 weeks, the ride settled down and all was well. No problems and just as nice. Really mad after what happened. Thinking of getting something cheap as a spare for the moment now and putting proper stuff on in the new year.
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