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  1. I might get that right once or twice but not 6 times lol i think ill try and find a spare block so I've got something to fall back on should this go tits up
  2. As much as id love to turbo it i cant afford that. I can deck the block to give me the correct compression ratio again thats not a problem. Also the combustion bowl in the r32 pistons is more than twice as big.
  3. I know it wont be a full 3.2 but going from 81mm to an 84mm bore will gain quite a bit of capacity gained.
  4. As per the title really, has anyone rebored a v6 4mo block (81mm bore) to take r32 pistons and rods (84mm) i have both in my possession and work for an engine reconditioner so can rebore it for free in my own time. I've done a bit of research and the rods are the same length, also the big end bearings are the same. but apparently the r32 pistons have a lower piston height to allow for a bigger stroke from the r32 crank which i haven't got. For reference the engine codes ive been using are below: BDE for the v6 4mo BML for the R32
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