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  1. It's a stage 1 tune for 315cc injectors and standard maf.
  2. Hi guys cars running a gt3076 turbo at 6psi on a obd2 12v its spluttering when coming on boost I think the maf is maxing out but how do you test this cheers.
  3. Got some more work done on the van all the intercooler pipes were welded up then powder coated in wrinkle black and painted the intercooler at work. Back on. Then refitted all the pipes looks a lot better in black and with out the hose connectors. Before. After. also managed to make my screamer pipe turned out pretty good. Got the front end built back up. So even tho it wasn't mapped and it only had the down pipe on we decided to try and start it more so to make sure the engines turned over properly and we had spark and fuel. All I can say it defently needs mapping.still got a water line
  4. Cheers pal not far off need to get the oil cooler finished the rest of the exhaust needs doing and then mapping really then it's just tidying up then.
  5. Few more bits done made a heat shield up and got all the turbo,manifold and down pipe all bolted down and Also relocated the battery to the back so the filter can sit just behind the head light. Before after.
  6. Ok so couple of updates made the down pipe up . pretty much done tacked it up where I wanted sent it off to be fully welded going to heat rap it tomorrow but really happy how it turned out with limited space. Also removed the washer bottle going to relocate it in the back with made room for the filter and maf, just bolted the header tank in there to check clearance. looking abit sad.
  7. It fits just about had to swap cold and hot sides around but it's in there.
  8. Got the inlet back on and got most of the intercooler in place guna take it all of once I'm happy with it and power coat it rinkle black.so I'm skill waiting for my other manifold to arrive so just stuck the engine back in with out the mani.
  9. ok do got the rest of the mother built up still waiting for a rocker cover gasket but got the new crack pipe and thermostat in and fitted the new injectors. ready to go in at this point we hit a problem I rather big problem the turbo was hitting the brake survo and the was no way of getting round it so am guns have to get another manifold one that brings the turbo closer to the block and more central in the bay any ones you can think of let me know after that I pulled the engine out again and manger to mock up the oil and inter cooler that's where I'm at guns satin black the oil cooler
  10. Yeah it's guna be close I might end up boxing the fire wall but we will see how it goes tomorrow.
  11. Stuck the turbo on to see what it looked like.
  12. Right got some more done blocks built back up did the head spacer today all went smoothly ready to build back up.was told when I bought the engine it was low mileage and it turned out it is the block has no wear and the heads in good shape to. engines out. head off bores in great shape head was checked and was good and cleaned up. after it had a clean back on the block didn't have time to take pictures of the spacer to busy make sure the head was torqued properly. Timing marks lined back up.
  13. Vans currently in bits heads off and being checked over hopefully should be back this week and I can start putting it back together.
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