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  1. **************The number plate is for sale*********************
  2. First show of the year and great to see her shine
  3. Hi Alison, Posted now I have stickers, apologies for the delay, thank you


  4. Hi I am still waiting for my updated card etc, need this now urgently for my insurance company as proof. thanks Ali
  5. Back on the road and keeping it 90's this was Tuesday night and the Donny Dubz meeting, got some great feed back
  6. Back on the road AT LAST
  7. hi


    I have renewed my membership again for this year, However last year it was sent out in my partners name (jason rowlson 94361) as it was a present from him, as I have not received any renewal pack yet can you please send it to me in my name as the insurance company are asking for my club details and membership number.


    Many thanks


    Alison Johnson.



  8. I will be swapping the whole lot over soon I think, just get it back on the road first then will get a full front and rear 5 stud set. while it is all off the car I can polybush it all get everything powder coated and then put it all on in one shot. need to know if the axles are all the same though? thanks Ali
  9. I should be on the road by next weekend so will make as many shows as possible after that
  10. getting ready to polish the paint in, need calipers though as that's all that's keeping it from the MOT bay,
  11. Times they are a changing


  12. Hi, I need a pair of front calipers for my VR6, it has 280mm vented 4 stud discs, Can anybody help thanks Ali
  13. Hi All An urgent one here, my car is very close to be road worthy now BUT I have no door mirrors, it had some crappy after market ones screwed right through the outer plate into the inner cover ( ) so there was no chance they were going back on. Can anyone help. thanks Ali
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