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  1. Right I think you are referring to just a standard piston ring compression tool take my word for it as I refurbished my VR6 engine and used a standard piston ring compression tool I ended up snapping two piston rings cost me an extra £50 to buy another two piston ring sets. The VR6 has a 6 degree angle I believe on the pistons so the VW tool is angled to allow for this. It can be done with the standard tool though.
  2. Hi I was in a similar situation a couple of years back. Most people were actually removing the main pump under the car and installing a high flow uprated in tank pump which apparently works well. But like you I didn't want to do that if you search online there are some direct replacement pumps (Bosch 044 I believe) but depends what fuel pump (mk2 model) you started out with. I started out with an 8V digifant before I did my VR6 conversion and found that a company in the US did a nice upgrade link below. Don't know if they still do it also when I purchased it pound was a lot stron
  3. Well here are some good links to follow about coolant flush: http://www.the-corrado.net/showthread.php?46198-VR6-Coolant-Flush http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?4683145-vr6-coolant-flush#/topics/4683145?_k=qjgisg Hope the above help.
  4. Well it's difficult to advise as your car doesn't overheat neither does it not achieve temperature but the coolant pipes are still hard when you turn the car off and after its cooled down. However having re read your original post you say once you leave it overnight the next day you take the cap off to depressurize and the water rises which to me means an airlock like VR6Pete said above. So you will have to just get the air out. If you can't do it I would suggest taking it to a trusted mechanic to do it for you.
  5. Well to answer your second question not quite easy to take apart you need to remove quite a few hoses as the geniuses at VW didn't realise you can't actually undo the thermostat housing without taking a lot of stuff off first. You can have a look at the following write ups they help: https://sites.google.com/site/stoyneff/engine-general/vr6-thermostat-housing-and-crack-pipe-replacement Http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?2385488#/topics/2385488?_k=qjgisg Be very careful when you remove the thermostat housing as you might accidentally brea
  6. Hi when you did the coolant change did you replace the thermostat looks something like the attached if you didn't this might be your issue just a thought. You should change this whenever you do a coolant flush/change.
  7. I know this may sound stupid but usually the intake manifold plastic cover states what engine it is 2.8 or 2.9. If the cover is present that is.
  8. Apologies typo there you are right its pin 22 i tapped into not 23 definitely the green black wire i rechecked. So any thoughts on the other things i listed?
  9. Hi all again i am having issues getting the schrick to work properly. Wired it all up as instructed with the Blue wire into pin 22 rpm (tapped in about half way down the loom near where the harness goes into the bay) the black wire to ground, used to the windscreen wiper motor ground and the red wire to the power via the red/yellow (pin 53) on the ECU. The box lights up to green, however when i rev it to 4000rpm where it is supposed to actuate the light doesn't turn red. My question is really what makes the green light turn red, is it when the vacuum line solenoid switches to open the actuato
  10. Guys I resolved the query I had just paid a little more attention to the engine bay. Basically I found a second vacuum feed off the brake booster pipe that goes to the manifold. There is a small header/manifold half way along the booster pipe that has two outlets one for the odometer and a spare which i believe is there for the ABS so i took the feed for the vacuum tank serving the actuator on the Schrick manifold from here, which is perfect as it sits close to the tank itself. Thanks again though for all your input, i will once i am done post a brief how to install schrick manifold on a vw g
  11. No probs i will upload some pictures i took as i was putting it all together. Dont have them at home though so it will be the weekend by the time i get access to them.
  12. I am slightly confused as I don't have a distributor and can't see the relevance of a distributor with the vacuum lines. Can you be a bit more specific. Thanks
  13. Firstly hi to all and thanks in advance for any assistance. I know I am new to the VR6OC and it holds a massive amount of information. I am after some assistance with installing the Schrick manifold on my car, I have trolled through a number of sites and threads with no clear advice on connecting the schrick in a golf mk2. I ave found a very good guide on the Canadian vr6 forum however this was mainly structured around the corrado. I have got to the point where the manifold is all plugged in and sitting nicely in the bay. The main thing that i am scrathcing my head to figure out is where to
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