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  1. Hi Dave, I am on the VW Festival Corrado display this year so wont be able to get on VR6's stand, sorry dude, will pop over and say hi though
  2. Hello all, My brother is working on starting up a new collection of car appreciators :-) its only small but when it gets going we will be looking at little meets around the country as we are dotted about all over the place, and possibly look at getting a show put together, would be very much appreciated for the adds follows and shares to help get the group off the ground... Instagram https://www.instagram.com/drivenuk/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Drivenuk01/ cheers guys :-)
  3. southerner88 is the instagram, project Corrado R32 is getting updated as it comes along....
  4. lovely! will drop you a message are they big enough to fill a Foster's case?
  5. Hi all, Could people get digging through their spare parts please! the 3 Oil Sensors, the 2 coolant sensors from the thermo housing and the oil cooler screw cap
  6. yeah, that just filled me with confidence, break down and actually get her broken down
  7. that could be an interesting drive for you then! I've got an over heating issue - a coolant leak somewhere that I cant find, fortunately I'm only in Harrogate if she finally gives up, and a different engine to put in over winter
  8. we need to all be on our best behaviour and gentle with those right feet...Tesco looks to be round the corner from the Police station
  9. Had a good laugh today guys n gals! Great to see old friends and also meet new ones! The baby dubber in the making is exhausted and snoring!
  10. And weve arrived! Had to go the gravel car park at the bottom to get up to the stand...thats if im in the right place....
  11. GUYS AND GALS!!! Please everyone check your tickets for vw festival. They sent me and dave saturday tickets instead. of sunday ones. If youve got the wrong ones then you need to email paul@vwfestival.co.uk to get thwm swapped. They made me cut up my saturday tickets and email them a picture of it to prove it! Dont cut yours up unless they tell you to obviously haha!
  12. Spoke to vw festival yesterday at the fitted uk show, they said tickets will be coming out soon. Then i found this on their facebook...
  13. Has anyone got their ticket yet? Bought mine ages ago but not turned up yet...
  14. hes breaking the valver. I would break him before letting him break that VRT
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