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    After finding out the second hand turbo ecu chip has a rom fault I'm ditching standard management. Has anyone got a spare cheep broken or working obd2 ecu I can buy? Need one so I can use the plug to adapt a emerald ecu to plug and play.
  2. If anyone has this issue, the immobiliser module was blown. It was a immobiliser delete ecu and had no coms to it from the obd port. But after bypassing the immobiliser From the obd port to the ecu the car started and the ecu ran the fuel pump correctly.
  3. I wouldn't bother with one of these mate. You’d just be throwing money down the drain. A lot of that stuff in the kit is such poor quality. Depends what you want tho, if your after a cheep bit of fun and don't care about your car it maybe some cheep fun. But its missing alot of stuff to make it run safe. Im at the end of a turbo build thats taken me 5 years. Ive had that manifold. Unboxed it, in close inspection the casting was very poor and wafer thin. The waste gate port was too small and would need porting to the right size, ended up putting it back in the box and selling it and getting a k
  4. Hello, there is someone still using this forum. Im a old user from 6 years ago. Still have the same car which will be going for a MOT for the first time in 6/7 years. First trip boosted. Will be interesting. May have to get a tow hook and a bag off tools ready 😂. Im sure once its on the road ill be posting again with odd faults only my car has developed. I must say tho in the last 5/6 years VR6’s are few and far between. Hardly ever see one on the road now.
  5. Im currently running a mk3 golf vr6t and was wondering if I were to swap it into a non vr6 Corrado could I use all my good stuff? - Are the front subframes the same? - If not can I use all the mk3 vibra engine mounts? - Do corrados run CE2 fuse boxes for plug and play ease? - Whats the standard bolt pattern? 5x100? 4x100? do they change between models? vr6, g60 and valvers? Also what are the differences in specs on the Corrados? vr6, g60, 16 valver? do any of these have Climatronic? the pop up rear spoiler is that vr6 only? leather interiors, was that a option
  6. yeah relay is fine if i earth out the wire going to the relay the relay clicks over and the fuel pump runs. its a new relay a year ago also the ignition switch is £6 so ill just stick it in when I replace all the locks on the car as they were mostly all odd.
  7. Dont know if anyone eles has had this issue. The Ecu should earth my fuel pump relay to prime the fuel pump then when cranking turn the pump on. Mine has stopped doing this, but if I earth the wire going to the the ecu from the fuse box it will run the fuel pump when the ignition turns on. But if you sit there with the engine off but woth ignition on the pump will continuously run. Main earth on ecu pin 1 is good, main live and switch lives are good, earths under battery on chassis leg are all clean, earth on inlet manifold is good. Any other ideas? Have a new ignition switch on the way incase
  8. That last comment makes me laugh, engine rebuild was quick and not as painful as I originally thought, but that turbo build is still not finished lol. Altho I may hear it run for the first time since I pulled the engine out all those years ago tomorrow last piece of the puzzle is my new fuel pump which arrived today... Lets hope she doesn't smoke like she did 3 years ago!
  9. Hi has anyone run their turbo oil feed from upper chain tensionor using the fixing seen on ebay? If so was the standard hydralic upper chain tensionor ok? Or was the jiggery pokery required?
  10. cool, i don't often run a tank on the light but if i was to get caught short id like to know i could cruise it to a petrol station. ill order up a pump and do some investigating. also wonder if you'll need to run higher gauge wiring to the pump from the fuel pump relay like they did in mighty car mods nissan v8 turbo "the double unicorn build".
  11. Looks like a walbro 400 is on the cards when i get some spare time ill pop it on and let you chaps know what the fitting was like, I remember stealth racing supplying a "kit" which consisted of a bit metal ring which the pump sat in and people only being able to run a minimum of 1/4 tank. Is this going to be the same?
  12. hi chaps back again. Made some progress with the turbo work. Engines built, turbos on short runners on engines back in and gearbox is rebuilt with a LSD installed. Now its time to do the fueling. Im aiming for 450ish bhp and was wondering what my options are. I want to keep my standard fuel tank in the mk3, should i opt for a walbro 255 intank pump? Or a bosch 044 external pump with a standard low presure pump in tank feeding the 044? Are there any other options? To be honest with you im after the most simple installs as this project has hit one snag after another. Any help or suggestions welc
  13. As the tittle reads, what coolant/anti freeze are people running in tuned vr6's? Has it made any difference and are there any side effects?
  14. Hi I'm at the stage where my engine is built but before I drop it back in the engine bay I need to take care of the gearbox. So after a limited slip diff but what do people recomend? Wavetrac? Quaife? I spoke to a chap who was running a supercharged civic and he was kicking ass and he said he would run wavetrac all day over quaife. But what about in a vr6 any had experience with these makes?
  15. right ok, I'm ditching that manifold. either kinitic or spa? what would you go for? I'm mounting a Garrett GT3582r and a 38mm turbosmart waste gate.
  16. yeah thanks for telling me they're pants. But I was asking about clearance not how to spend even more money.
  17. Hi has anyone had any experience with one of these in a mk3? Will I have clearance to run 4inch intake past the master cylinder? Or do I need to mount it the other way round and have the exaust coming out next to the master cylinder?
  18. Dosnt the 24 valver have individual coil packs?
  19. Biggests difference is depending on if yours is obd1 or obd2. As long as the part numbers match then should be ok if its got the immobiliser delete.
  20. Cool thats the perfect size my mate with a r32 made the school boy error of using a 3mm plate then 2 headgaskets so never ran propper.
  21. Every bolt can have a different pitch. Some easyer to get than others. Well good luck with the project bud
  22. I was told that with superchargers you couldnt run the red injectors until it had been maped because it flood out. Thats what vince told me from stealth. Try the standards in there and see what youve got. Did you use a 2mm head spacer and two metal head gaskets? Or a 3mm spacer and two head gaskets? Ive read on here people had run them with bigger injectors and low boost. But then again you never know whats true or fairy land school boy talk on forums these days.
  23. Is there a rack avalible which is non power steering to fit the vr? Cant see any racks listed for the mk3. Would a mk2 rack fit?
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