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  1. would you be intrested in a swap for part turbo kit ??
  2. i have been working on it when i have the time no big up date yet
  3. Things have been slow on this at the moment. Managed to get my wheels on.
  4. Slowly working on her. Iv now fitted complete rebuilt rear axle and front subframe with 312 brakes up front, complete underbody powerflex black edition bushes, koni coilovers,vibratec engine mounts. Couple of pics iv got:
  5. To be honest mate I’m going to be changing it back to mk3 dash as not fan of the 4
  6. Managed to get her over to the new garage at the weekend and make a start on her.
  7. When I picked her up. She’s needing some love
  8. Just purchased this car yesterday a lot of work has gone into it hoping to keep the build thread alive. Will start a new one on it soon.
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