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  1. As much as I want to attend cos I had a brill time last year, it is with MASSIVE regret that I have to say I can't make it this year, and that sucks. I was so looking forward to seeing you all again. Any way, I hope you all have a brilliant time, I'm sure you will, oh and Dan, watch out for any lingering Moose!!!!!!
  2. I need to check the date of another xmas meal, otherwise count me in, maybe +1 also
  3. What is it with you guys....keep having collisions..First the Audi, then this, whats next??!!
  4. It’s amazing tat some garages manage to stay open with the in-compitence of the supposed mechanics that work there. Just goes to show though the only person you can trust to look after your car properly is yourself. Or Tony, but he’s a long way away, especially for a fuel pipe!!
  5. What’s it feel like then?
  6. Don’t tell me, Another one I’m gonna miss...WHEN is it happening?
  7. Was GTi international this weekend then? In which case I won’t be going.......DOH
  8. What year is she? lovely colour though. I think these are just about the sexiest cars out there, I prefer their lines to the later ones, and despite what others say they are NOT Jaguar with an Aston badge!! Where do you live, I gotta come for a drive!!!
  9. You lucky B*****D. I have that on my list of pressies to myself for my 50th, but not the 6 litre jobbie, just the baby one. It’s more about the car than the POWER (as Clarkeson would say) for me. What’s the ride like then??
  10. Hello and welcome... sweet enough and not too many about nowadays
  11. Problem with this show is the cost has gone through the roof...... Bit extreme if you ask me
  12. B******S I missed it, was busy buying wife’s birthday pressies instead. I really wanted to go to this as well Congrats to Sal though.
  13. WOW a community owned VR, now that’s GOTTA help with the running costs........... Dash out for the heater matrix I’m afraid, there’s a guide for that in premium members section. So what plans for the beast then? Other than road trips!! Is it gonna be lowered, exhaust, filter etc or just used?
  14. There’s only 1 moderator you have to kiss ass to, and thats only because she’s a POWER CRAZED lady. She can kill you with 1 finger (well your account anyway) ;-) The others are a good bunch happy to ignore you etc...... Seriously, we have an EXCELLENT bunch of mods, they work hard for the club taking care of most of our needs, and they’re friendly with it. But watch that Helen, she’ll have you if you’re not careful, but we all still love her cos she does good things as well.
  15. Can’t make my mind up about this car. Roof up = ugly, roof down = stunning. However I didn’t know they did a 3.2 quattro. R32 with no roof YES PLEASE......
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