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  1. Joint owned will defo help running costs. Were gonna fit an air filter and exhaust more than likely, but a bit later on. We'll become premium members soon, so will help with heater matrix.
  2. Drove it back from rochester to sheffield, near on 5 hours with lots of traffic. On the motorway it cruises at 70mph. And on the A roads it really comes into it's own. Can't describe how much I love this car already! As I mentioned earlier on, there are a couple of us who have bought this to do a bit of work on, and go on a few road trips in, and I can't wait for our first one now
  3. Just to update everyone, we bought the car. Managed to get him down to £850. The initial look and test drive was really good. The abs light stays on, but we think it is just the sensor. The drivers footwell has coolant, which from reading the buyers guide is most likely the heater matrix. Also there is a slight oil leak under the engine but it doesn't seem to severe. I'll upload a few pics as soon as I get a chance. Overall very happy with the purchase. Joe
  4. Yea it's an obd1. And there's 4 of us going to look at it
  5. Thanks a lot guys. This is the one that I am looking at. http://www.coombsofmedway.co.uk/used-cars/volkswagen-golf-2-8-vr6-5dr-chatham-201215463404780
  6. Thanks for the replies. I know that you shouldn't really buy the first one that you look at, but I have been looking at them for a few months now, and read lots of threads on here. I have already got the buyers guide to hand so I will be checking things off against it. Thanks for that APD, and any more useful tips anybody has got would be appreciated. Thanks Joe
  7. Spartans


    Hi all, this is my first post on here, but will hopefully have many more. I'm going to look at a vr6 later on today, and hopefully going to become the proud new owner of one. I've already read the buyers guide, but this is the first one that I have looked at, and I was just wondering if there was any direct tips you could give me. Kind regards Joe
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