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    Bump for a manchester friend
  2. Project Ripped Off

  3. Thought it was about time that i started my build thread for this as I've had it a while now. This car used to be KEEN VR until it was taken apart and then sold. We won't go into that story anyway This is what it used to look like This is the picture i was sent when buying This is when it arrived I'm not putting the ones up of how the bay was when i got it as it will make me cry lol But i decided to sell lots of bits off it to regain some money after i tripped the engine down, cleaned it all up and painted it Carbon fuel cap for it
  4. Project ripped off take 2

    haha i miss this thing. good luck with it man
  5. Big Dub

    Janet owns this now. It was actually for sale a few months ago.
  6. Rolling Road Day 2017

    Sounds good. I think we get a get a set date then we can organise t properly ?
  7. Project Ripped Off

    Here’s the mk3 next to my latest purchase! Yes it’s still got 6 cylinders [emoji1383]
  8. Rolling Road Day 2017

    I can bring 2 [emoji23]
  9. Vr fuel tank wanted

    Sorry it didn't pop up you replied to my topic. It's located in stockport
  10. Just saying hi,

    Hi Phil. Welcome to the club
  11. Project Ripped Off

    2017 update [emoji23]
  12. Rolling Road Day 2017

    Yeah sounds good to me.
  13. VR6t

    It's only as reliable as the quality of parts you put into the build.
  14. Improving performance and power. Best place to start.

    [emoji23] shirt lifters. In all seriousness though pete pretty much covered the main bits [emoji1305]
  15. VR6t

    Welcome! 12v is much cheaper to turbo than 24v [emoji106]
  16. Rolling Road Day 2017

    Stick me down mandemssss [emoji173]️
  17. My fuel economy is pretty bad, as in 18mpg everywhere and it's a n/a engine on 100,000 miles I can get 28 if I drive like a lorry driver, but around town can get as low as 12? Is there anyway I can increase my mpg? And serviceable bits? Any help would be appreciated!
  18. Vr fuel tank wanted

    haha standard. yeah you can have it for a bag of haribos if you collect.
  19. Vr fuel tank wanted

    I have one that you can have but no pump in it?
  20. Golf mk3 vr6 original air box wants

    I have one but no rubber bands. PM me if intersted
  21. osf(drivers)lucas 280mm caliper

    text sent