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  1. Can you send pics of the exhaust please. Would you post?
  2. mrswatty87


    Been pictures of cars with spacers and it looks ace. Nothing drastic, just a few mm. We've not had a proper look at suspension yet but it'll be shocks as well as springs. -30/-40mm all round
  3. mrswatty87


    That's OK them. Set my mind to rest that it was wrong! Quite pleased with it. Its done less than 84k. Few bits to do. Someone in their wisdom has cut a chunk out of the bumper to put a tow bar on it, so that needs rectified. Both wings are just beyond saving but we've just got a pair from vw herritage. It'll get lowered, wheel spacers, exhaust and induction kit.
  4. mrswatty87


    Hi all. Just picked up this vr6 Its registered as private/light goods....... I'm thinking that's not right. What are your golf vr6's tax class?
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