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  1. Lmao!! I did upload some to FB, u must have missed them
  2. It's such an easy drive it weird, was out driving last night (on a private road) doin 110 without even realising its so quiet and refiined!
  3. Yeah I had a quick look for remap figures before I got it and the torque would be 333ft/lb after map!! There are a few companies that won't even touch it for a remap!
  4. Im sure i will eventually but for now its stayin as it is lol Ive heard bad things about remapping these so dont think ill bother
  5. Hey all!! With the MOT about to expire on the golf and with ongoing running issues i had to take her off the road untill a decision was made on next steps, shes now safely tucked up at the back of a driveway in limbo This meant needing to get another car, so the seach was on with a deadline of 2 weeks, I had already decided that i wanted to get a TDi and wanted to stay vag so the hunt was on. Searched and searched autotrader serveral times a day but only a few cars stood out to be worth looking at. The first 3 cars i went to view had sold before i even go chance to get to the garage, then fi
  6. I bought one but didn't get round to fitting it lol No help really
  7. Paceo u really need to leave eBay alone, ur always having these 'problems', serval accessions u have started threads like this or sent out PM's asking ppl to bid on ur items, and I think it's cuz u wanna avoid the reserve charges!
  8. On iPhone I can't see the sender of pms, also the envelope is hard to see unless u zoom in a lot, here's a screen shot
  9. Try auto glym black dye, works a treat and lasts ages! Be sure to wear gloves tho!
  10. Don't like it :-( Its hardly usable with this sizing :-(
  11. I think she's bristolian mind guys......
  12. I only wash my car when I change my y fronts
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