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  1. iv got the coolant hose from the back of the head running though the turbo into the heater matrix.
  2. turk


    im going down the lugtronic route possibly "might sound a bit dense" lugtronic is a VEMS ecu i believe so tuners that are familiar with the s2 setup should hopefully be able to map a vrt on Lugtronic?
  3. Got the bug as well have been building the VRT for a few months now, Im using Lugtronic standalone ecu Ebay short runner Standard 4bar fuel pressure regulator Siemans 630cc injectors Special short H beam rods to lower compression instead of spacer plate Gt35 copy for now Tial 38mm waste gate Custom exhaust manifold that uses the original cast manifolds. Sorry for the self whoring, I just love VRTs
  4. turk

    R32 crank shaft

    Morning looking for a R32 crankshaft in good serviceable condition. Thanks
  5. just check the ecu relay before hand iv had one go down on me before, that will give the same symptoms.
  6. turk


    I dont have the space, just rented garages thats the problem. On top of all that my younger brother also has a collection of mk1 polos. As you can see i think we have an addiction
  7. Thanks for the reply, so you reckon its a good idea to change the rods? Looking for reliable set up that will take abuse of 400-450 bhp but im scared ill want more, so not sure if i should sell on what iv got and start again. cheers
  8. turk


    Evening all Have been a member on here since 2009 but haven't contributed at all so feel kinda bad, ill be building a vr6 turbo over next few months so will be putting my 2p in Currently have 5 Volkswagens... (im an idiot i cant let go!) 84 mk2 vr6 going turbo 86 mk2 8v gti 89 mk2 16v gti 93 corrado vr6 09 caddy maxi 1.9 mapped to 165bhp Cheers
  9. Afternoon all. Have been building a NA vr6 motor for a while now, but sudden change of heart has made me want to strap a GT35 to it The predicament is i have brand new 2.9 pistons and block, so i dont want to splash out on pistons/block machining again. So my question is how much boost can standard pistons with H beam rods hold with a spacer gasket? Or Does the standard pistons fail before the standard rods? I already have Schrick big valve head, high tensile valve springs and 268s to go with it. Thanks in advance
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