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  1. I thought I'd try my luck just for a change I'm after a very cheap mk3 golf vr6 Preferably 3dr obd2 Any condition will be considered as it's going to be project and will be completely rebuilt. The only problem is, I wish to do a deal on a set of wheels for the car Now before people call me mad, or God knows whatever!! Lol these wheels are up for sale at £650 so I thought why not try and open my options and get something that I want from them. The wheels are Audi bbs speedlines 18" split rims They have been split and powder coated and are now finished getting rebuilt, I also have x5 tyres whic
  2. Looks promising Davey Especially since it's been painted lol I love the vento front too, I'd keep the comps and sell the blq's tbh to fumd the build So keeping an eye on this
  3. Yes Davey and that's why I ain't doing it anymore lol Unless I can get a vr6 donar car seriously cheap with a fucked body or loads of rust il consider it but il stick with buying a decent vr first lol Thanks for the above help though
  4. Thanks mate So in one way it would be wise just buying a decent vr6 But on the other hand I might find a decent gti for cheap but still have to find a doner car to swap in Unless I can find an engine,box,loom then find some driveshafts separate it find a breaking vr6 Either way it's going to cost similar amounts, and either way the vr6 lump will be rebuilt so it doesn't exactly have to be a minter. Same for body work although I can't be arsed with loads of rot I wi co slider both options but i have to sort out the garden where the work is going to happen first, get all my tools together, so
  5. I've been looking into this if I can't find a vr6 golf in the price range and local enough (when I actually get round to getting one) I now know the clutch is only hydraulic on the gti 16v and the vr6 so that rules out all other models unless I'm willing to change Now the work involved with this along with suspension, driveshafts I might aswell just spend more money on a vr really So I've decided to forget about this and focus on just a vr or if a turbo'd vr came up at the time I'd possibly buy that
  6. Bump so how hard would it be too put a 2.8 vr6 into a mk3 gti? Or any mk3 for that matter
  7. I'm in the lookout for a vr6 3dr manual but as funds a low ATM and can't seem to find one sutible for a project I had a thought What if I bought a mk3 3dr Then bought a vr6 loom, Ecu, lump and box? I know it will fit as I have done it before years ago but I was young and it was a family members car so didn't pay much attention How hard is it? Simply plug and play? Bare in mind I want a track themed car with stripped interior, roll cage Then a turbo'd 12v lump up front So all has to be stripped anyway as part of the project Just is the suspension the same? Il be putting 312mm brakes on any
  8. Garrett gr35r turbo £1050 Tial 38mm waste gate £180 263 schimmel cams £400 Arp head studs £180 Timing chain set £205 Head gasket set plus other gaskets £150 Clutch £400 Head spacer £60 Intercooler £100 Cooler pipes Oil lines Cone filter £50 4" maf Manifold t4 3" down pipe + exhaust £500 Walbro fuel pump £170 Injectors £200 Started putting together a shopping list, now I now some prices will be slightly wrong but it's just a rough figure ATM. By the time you factor in software/ rolling roads/ clamps/ pipes/ fittings plus what ever Your looking at about the same price as stealth racings prices
  9. I knew there weren't cheap lol I wouldn't mind buying 2nd hand either, see now the cheap skate in me would be tempted by an eBay special but I'm going to have to say no from the get go and not cheap out on things lol Especially the turbo !!
  10. I haven't even bought a car yet haha I've had 2 vr's and a gti so still got some parts lying around Just if I plan it properly il know exactly what to buy How I want it too look Il know the budget etc I'd hate to think I started such a project and couldn't finish it I'd love a 3.0l forged lump but it's out of my budget, experience At the moment I need to know where to buy turbos from? And how much is a good price to pay for a gt35r? The rest of the things I know where to buy from
  11. Cheers mate bit of a brain fart there
  12. What were you saying yes to Mike? I asked that many questions haha
  13. I can do the work myself, if I need a hand I have plenty of mates that are mechanics How come you arnt using a spacer? And you using low comp Pistons ?
  14. Another question Are they water cooled? I read somewhere I'd need to plumb it into the coolant system
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