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  1. random

    haha well spotted dude!
  2. 6yr old girl on Americas got talent

    damn work gateway wont let me get on youtube! will have to have a look later lol
  3. Does anyone know if this got done in the end or has it died a death?
  4. I have noticed some of the old faces seem to have gone quiet though, Bungy, Nat, Helen, Nige, Jake, Toni, ect.. have they all sold up or something?! lol
  5. Well thought l would fill it out 1) Are we doing anything wrong? - Nope 2) What is preventing you from contributing to the forum – I do on occasion, but a lack of knowledge prevents me for the most part offering advice ect.. 3) What is preventing you from attending our events – Funds! I would love to hit up more show events ect. But just cant afford it 4) How are you making the most of being part of a Club? – getting helpful advice (when needed), using the discounts and enjoy reading some of the post
  6. or you could try this stuff http://www.plastidip.co.uk/eStore/index.cfm?Plastidip_Liquid_Electrical_Tape_-118ml&stage=3&colour=Black,White,Red&pid=PDL-0019 Used it on my last coilpack and it did the job till l had the funds to replace. although you will prob still have to do something about those cracks to stop them getting worse lol
  7. Turns out l wont be able to come to this l will be moving house at about this date and all the crap that goes along with that. so wont have the time
  8. Mk2 Turbo 4motion

    Just a little power lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?=v4s2vfsfeJUE
  9. I am up for this but dont know if l can until closer to the time
  10. more then likely one of the little plastic clips that holds the bottom of the window has broken buddy, l had the same thing happen on my 4mo and my moms Mk3. I wouldn’t use the window too much until you change them as it might end up dropping into your door if the other clip goes :/ lol
  11. Not sure, but possibly your top mounts?
  12. Just waiting for a mate...

    Retard! lol
  13. VR6OC Welsh Mountain Road Trip

    Sounds like it could be good!
  14. The Friday Thread

    working on the golf tomorrow and prob doing a little photoshop stuff on sunday and a whole lot of nothing for a monday off
  15. 24vT mk3

    very nice buddy!
  16. Ok not a VR but a good (ish) way to look
  17. New Video Section Open!

    you got it
  18. New Video Section Open!

    nice! and lm sure the how to vids are going to help some folks
  19. Awesome-GTI

    Hassan was the guy that helped me out
  20. You would think so buddy, but it doesnt seem to always work like that lol I had an intermittent problem a little while back and it turned out to be a mix of a tiny crack in my coil pack and 2 of my plugs being burnt out :/ it might not be your issue but it is always worth a quick look, if nothing else it will eliminate those as being a problem