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  1. As above £10 posted each
  2. VR6 Samco Hoses for Sale - £100 + P&P Don't look like these have ever been used, I've had for a while in storage but no longer needed as wont fit my current engine. Located in Leicester, can also meeting around Heathrow area
  3. Hi Guys. I think you can class me as a lurker I do jump on and take a read everyone and again. Having the Tapatalk app integration is a great help towards that. This is my VR Highline which I've actually sold now waiting for collection. Was a reluctant sale but didn't have the space on the driveway. This is the replacement - 3.2 DSG Audi
  4. 1996 VW GOLF MK3 VR6 Highline - £2,495 For sale 1996 MK3 Golf VR6 Highline, 112,000 miles, Purple Violet Metallic Exterior with Fully trimmed Blackberry Leather interior. MOT'ed until 19th November 2014 Location: Leicester, LE18 For more pictures visit: http://hwal.co.uk/thehighline Highline Spec MK3 Golf VR6 HighlineFull Blackberry Sports Leather Seats + Door CardsHeated Front Seats (No Bolster wear)American Walnut Wooden GearknobElectic SunroofElectric WindowsElectric Adjustable Wing MirrorsHighline Kick strips Body Pristine Body work no rust patchesNo Sill damageShaved Boot hatc
  5. Wire brush to clean up around under the adjuster as much as you can. Prefer gt85 over wd40 or some lock shock stuff there is a wd40 version or Halfords own brand. Vice the shock up and use a big heavy hammer and keep whacking the adjuster. If no budge you can heat up the adjusters and that will definitely get them moving. Just be careful not too heat too much as you don't want to damage the shock internals. I kept touching the shock body whilst heating as soon as felt it was getting a bit too warm I stopped and commenced hammering.
  6. aminder

    paint code

    If that's worn away and unreadable you maybe best to guess the colour then go to a paint shop and check against there colour charts. What colour is it?
  7. I'm doing the same conversion in mine at the moment pretty much at the same stage as you. Will be bolting intake manifold up tonight and plumbing up all the coolant hoses hopefully too. I'd be interested to know what the efficient placement of the MAF from the throttle body would be also - I had planned to keep OEM distance which would have thought be fine no?
  8. You should be able to just undo the two hoses going into the heater matrix and with dash removed undo the 4 screws holding the heatermatrix in place in the complete fan unit and pull up and replace. You shouldn't need to undo any other bolts in the engine bay apart from two to remove the dash. Sounds like you trying to remove the whole heating/fan unit
  9. ooohhh hope so too, theres a lot of wires there I wouldn't want to sit trouble shooting to find which one is shorting/broken
  10. Cheers, not sure why they came out funny first time :-) Yeah there stuff is supposed to be the best but I can't find a UK stockist.... you got any leads??
  11. Cheers, hoping to have it ready for the cgti ring trip in August and vag castle coombe track day see if all this hard work has paid off.....
  12. I've been looking into this, I've heard a few people use this stuff below from halfords. Let us know how you get along if you do mate. As for pillars I've decided to cloth wrap them to be on safe side. http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_storeId_10001_catalogId_10151_productId_173967_langId_-1_categoryId_165495 http://www.vwwatercooled.org.au/f22/diy-headlining-fabric-replacement-pic-intensive-31256.html
  13. Thanks' date=' a lot of pain staking hours to get these to work. All in the aid to get my 9x17's to run on the car and allow me to run camber with out using spacers as they are et28, I would have had to run posi camber to get them to fit without rubbing my coilover springs Got them tucked in nicely now :-) Still loads left until completion
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