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  1. I have a ABS+ECU loom from a Passat B4 VR6 ill dig it out and send you some pics mate
  2. I have a OBD2 ecu m8 £25+ postage
  3. Ive got a set in the garage I wont be using, you can have £25 posted I can send you some pics, Ill connect them up and check the milage too
  4. Looks belta on the proper B4 VR6 rear lights m8
  5. Quick question guys Im doing a VR6 conversion on my Passat B3 atm the wagon has a 020 gearbox and selector currently am I thinking that this will work on the 02A box or will I need a 02A selector Regards Billy
  6. Had to nip to my mates to get 2 snapped bolts removed Cheeky shot of the VR lump and the B3
  7. Ripped all the old piston rings out, kinda hard job too as they were stuck solid inside the piston. Plenty WD40 and gunk finally released them up
  8. This was took before it was sent to my local engine services to get checked over
  9. Thanks guys. Hopefully the wagon might be on the VR6OC stand next year at VW Festival 2016. Got a lot to do in next 12 months.
  10. Hi guys Thought I would eventually say hi Iv'e been on here a few years now and never really got around to it. I started off with the Mk2 Golf VR6 conversion, and shortly after that I bought a Passat B3 1991 which I love to bits. Been collecting bits to do the VR6 conversion on the Passsat for some time now. So hopefully it will be done by next summer. Its getting a full engine rebuild atm the engine is the 2.9 ABV and thinking about putting the ODB2 loom into to. Here are some pics hope you like. Billy
  11. Great looking B4 m8, can't wait to VR mine now
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