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  1. Throttle Body wiring diagram

    Thanks! Your a hero. Wiring is all good anyway. Time for standalone management i think.
  2. Hi everyone. Ive been building a Corrado VR6 Turbo for the last couple of years and its about finished but ive been having problems getting it to idle correctly. Ive spent the last couple of months figuring it out. Vagcom wont basic set the throttle body and im getting weird readings in measured values. Ive narrowed it down to the wiring to the throttle body. Its an OBD2 setup with loom etc but ive rewired the loom as it all goes behind the wing now and got rid of the 42 pin round connector but i think ive got the TPS wiring the wrong way somewhere and was wondering if anyone has a proper wiring diagram for the throttle position sensor? Maybe from a bentley manual (my Corrado bentley manual only has OBD1). This is where i think ive gone wrong. This diagram shows Pin 4 is a ground, Pin 7 is 5v feed for sensor and Pin 8 is not needed http://s249.photobucket.com/user/Leebro61/media/Corrado/connector_tps.png.html But, according to this, Pin 4 is Sensor feed (5v), Pin 7 is a ground and Pin 8 is 'Sensor 2' to pin 62 on ECU. http://mk2vr6.com/board/viewtopic.php?t=15633 Can anyone clarify which pins on the ECU all of the wires go to?
  3. OBD2 VR6 Parts needed

    I think I'm sorted for those bits now cheers buddy. OBD2 have a seperate immob unit which communicates between the ignition reader coil and engine ecu, but I think I'll just have it all removed anyway.
  4. OBD2 VR6 Parts needed

    Haha sorry, whos Gav?
  5. OBD2 VR6 Parts needed

    I dont know him. Is he on this forum? Cheers
  6. OBD2 VR6 Parts needed

    Hi all. Im after some OBD2 VR6 parts if anyone has some. I need: Engine ECU Full engine wiring MAF Throttle body If possible Immobiliser unit and keys and locks but this isnt essential. Thanks!