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  1. Clay cloth ?

    Been reading lots of positive things about the clay clothes, getting the same results for a fraction of the time spent with a bar of clay.
  2. Good to see you've persevered with this Dan, car looks cracking. Could you upload some sound clips when you've fitted the 6 branch?
  3. vr6 clutch fork bending

    Looks a nice bit of kit, but 119 euros?!
  4. Where to go to get my turbo setup fitted?

    I think it goes on the starter motor, if I remember right the earth lead that bolts onto the gearbox has a slightly more rounded terminal end on it.
  5. Oli's '97 5 Door VR6 Journal

    Window regulator replacement fail In short a total waste of time. The replacement part barely moved the window up or down. Someone's been here before- Suspected reason for knocking noise I get when the window closes fully- News parts, which were promptly repackaged and returned- To be fair to Volksbits (who supplied the part) they emailed a return form and refunded the money with no quibbles, so they still get a thumbs up from me. The old regulator was refitted after the cables sprang apart from the reel they wind around, and It works well enough for the time being. On a positive note I was able to install some sound deadening material on the door skin- Rear demister button One little touch I preferred from old mk3's I've had was the round style demister button, found one on the 'bay for a couple of pounds- Wonky exhaust Noticed this becoming progressively worse over the past few weeks. The different parts of the exhaust need realigning and one of the hangers could do with replacing but one of the bolts holding it on has rounded off. Because most of the joins on the exhaust have pretty much fused themselves together, trying to free them off lying on your back on the drive is no fun and impossible, unless your the hulk. Next option I'm considering is having an exhaust place refit the system and maybe fit a resonator after the catalytic converter as I'm getting tired of the drone at around 2k rpm. Only other thing to mention is I finally have a working radio! Managed to track down another old skool Sony the same as the one I'm using where everything works, brings my total of cdx-c5000's up to 3 now.
  6. vr6 clutch fork bending

    Bought a genuine fork from vw a few weeks ago, was only about £13
  7. mpg

    Yeah sounds about right, getting around 270 miles with mixed driving
  8. My 87' Golf 2 VR6 Build

    Looking good, don't often see obd 1 engines getting rebuilt.
  9. Vr6 engine

  10. Seems odd, iirc the connector for it should be with the injector wiring
  11. Where to go to get my turbo setup fitted?

    Regarding the external oil cooler, when I did a quick google, the ones I saw showed the original water-cooled cooler in place aswell, running in parallel with the mocal.
  12. Carbon fibre dipping

    Not bad!
  13. Where to go to get my turbo setup fitted?

    Doesn't the sandwich plate just fit between the original oil cooler and the cap which seals it?
  14. Do a quick compression test, that might help confirm your suspicion. Either way, surely its worth repairing rather than breaking?!
  15. Abs Sensors

    The...size? Same? If so yup, got a pair of front ones that have been sat in my desk for over a year!