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    as above the only thing you need to prove is milege not speed, speed is the drivers duty of care, you only need a speedo to read in MPH when doing an SVA test NOT an MOT
  3. WoooooHoooo Edition 30 GTI coming my way

    I think they look great, the black monza's are only on the non uk cars,the UK got the BBS (better IMO) PHM, the details for the ed30 is in the standard golf brochure - go and help yourself to one at the local dealer
  4. looks good, are the speedo and rev counter dials the same size, if so I'd be really tempted to swop them to have the rev counter in the middle.
  5. corrado vr6 vs impreza WRX

    I had a WRX RA and now have a VR6 Golf, as much as I loved my scooby and it was v.fast, there's just some thing about VW I love more. I have now supercharged my VR so the power difference is no longer an issue. I have bought my VR and all the bits to charge it and the cost is still less than an impreza - only thing is no one knows how much power is under the bonnet, this troubles a few other drivers (h)
  6. if you fit a new control unit does this have to be set up with VAG COM as I read somewhere you have to operate the abs in a certain order to complete the fitting correctly. I also have a control unit fault, I thought I'd try a relay first so bought one from VAG but its totally different to any others in the fuse box area, The new relay is number 79 with 5 pins is there another location for the abs relay?
  7. Ouch ! ! !

  8. If you want to make your self feel better at my expense then read on Wush. My local Power flow dealer has fitted in order.... a back box, then 3 months later a middle section, then another 2 months after a cat replacement pipe. I'm thinking now i've been shafted as in total i've spent nearly 500 quid, its not even welded that well on closer inspection. so not a happy boy. Trouble is my patience always gets the better of me and they can normal fit stuff with a few days notice and I hate crawling around trying to remove old exhaust with only a few inches head room on the drive way.
  9. Who is the stig?

    I too think it has been or is a few different racing drivers, that way with hidden identity its harder to discredit lap times for cars driven by different people
  10. Does a VR6 Have a fuel warning light?!

    I use to run out all the time too, when I was a student! It was a lowly MG metro though so it didn't really hurt. Its a bit different with the VR, like the impreza I had ,I never let it get below a quarter as the last bit seems to disapear pretty quickly, and if you're no where near a petrol station - big trouble. I've always run mine on shell v-max, as even the manual said it will produce more torque than normal unleaded.
  11. Snobbery

    I've had countless numbers of GTIs (hence the name) all MKs from the original series 1,mk1 (small lights, tartan interior etc) to a MK4 GTI. I bought my VR because I wanted to get the fastest Golf I could afford without buying a mk4 turbo or a diesel GT, I never noticed any snobbery from onwers of either model. Only jib you get every now and then is a MK3 GTI 16v onwer telling you his car is faster and more economical :^)
  12. Look what I hit!

    once had to clean a pigeon out of the flashing light bar on top of a truck, not pleasant
  13. No speedo

    another thought, is there an earth around the gearbox area that controls or relates to the speedo?
  14. No speedo

    Had my VR in bits recently to fit a charger, also have had the ecu chipped, all up and running today but no speedo??? Every other gauge works fine, is there a speed sensor I have forgotten to plug in - couldn't see any lose wires/plugs. Was also thinking it may be a ECU fault as the speedo is electric? maybe when it was chipped?