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  1. Yeah it's great I've been using it daily for the last 4 years and it's never really wanted for anything! I've got a couple of holes on the front of the rear arches near the sills. Been meaning to get it done but I'm being lazy! I want to get the rear arches rolled a bit so I thort I'll get it all done at the same time! What have you got to do to yours? You've slapped a charger on it haven't you? Or is that what u need to do!
  2. Cheers Pete. Not that much to be honest. It's been rather good! The clutch slave cyl was leaking, resulting in having to pump up the clutch every morning so that was changed for the 2nd time. New discs, pads and bearings on the rear as they were looking a bit shitty! And just the routine services really It's currently off the road as I'm planning to tidy the engine bay up a bit more and do some bodywork I've been meaning to do.
  3. 2 years later .... Still going strong
  4. Hey. Could I have 2 spaces on the clubstand please. 1x Corrado vr6 1x mk5 r32 Thanks Ben
  5. Hey. Could I have 2 spaces on the clubstand please. 1x Corrado vr6 1x mk5 r32 Thanks Ben
  6. Damn ! Too late! Any chance of another little stand outside? There was quite a lot of room last year! Ben
  7. Hi guys. I've been a member for a while now but never got round to doing a members thread so here it is I've owned this Corrado for about 2 years now. I did have another before this one but it was rotten to hell so it had to go! I bought this one for £500 from a guy off of the Corrado forum. It didn't come with much as he originally wanted 1200 for it! I got him to remove the seats, wheels, lights and wipers as they were upgraded lupo ones. I already had a grey leather interior and speed lines ready to be fitted along with all other parts I was missing! When I got her: After about a week
  8. I'm popping down with my mate jake and his golf VR. Will be both of our first RR day so should be a goodun! When's the £5 deposit required Pete? Cheers Ben
  9. Keep seeing this one around Luton area. Blue corrado ... I think it was blue anyway. Anyone on here? Ben
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