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    leespiro got a reaction from VR6Pete in 83mm pistons   
    hi all has anyone got a set of 83mm low comp pistons for sale for the golf mk3 vr6 2.8 looking to rebuild my bottom end
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    leespiro got a reaction from Ickyketseddie in Post your rolling road results here!!   
    mine made 365.2bhp 302 tq mk3 vr6 rotrex c30 94 
    yesterday at stealth racing good job
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    leespiro reacted to mrsusan in Stealth Racing Turbo Kit discussion   
    It is absolutely brilliant! Still using any excuse just to go out and drive the thing some blurb and pics:

    For the benefit of some who asked about the stealth turbo:
    Firtly, I must say the level of service is top notch and I can't recommend the stealth guys enough. Vince and co spent a long time explaining everything that had been done, the reasons why and how to maintain the vehicle, recommending the best plugs, oil, etc. it was obvious that a hell of a lot of work had gone in to the car, and IMO it represented excellent value for money if you're seriously considering turbo but don't feel confident enough to DIY.
    As for the car itself, well now I completely understand why some of you guys chose to turbo your VR6s, I've never felt such brutal power in a car before, it was disgusting and after the initial shock I was laughing all the way home.
    Setting off for the first time was driven off boost due to congestion, here it behaved exactly like a normal VR6 should and if taken easy I think the mpg would actually be pretty reasonable. The helix clutch judders ever so slightly when pulling away, but I'm told that this is perfectly normal (it isn't enough to be a hindrance though). The custom exhaust note is certainly quite unique and hinted that something was a bit different with the car.
    As soon as the road cleared it was time to see what this thing was capable of. From second gear I floored it, and held on for dear life! It felt like the car had been attached to a giant slingshot and catapulted down the road - everything around me just became a blur as I went in to warp speed. I was worried that the lack of Racelogic would see me endlessly wheelsplinning, but the LSD was more than enough in the conditions to put the power comfortably down. Third gear was even more savage and from here on it was just relentless, never ending power. The exhaust when opened up sounds like nothing else, and the recirc valve gives a god almighty whoosh when you let off the throttle.
    What goes up, must come down though, and a random emergency stop showed me how good the tarox brakes were. I would definitely recommend them to anyone as the stopping power is almost as brutal as the acceleration.
    After paying the final balance it was a 2+ hour journey home, which only re-highlighted how fast the car was. Even in 5th, it pulls extremely hard and it was a matter of seconds before I was at license losing speeds. Unfortunately I didn't really come across anything exotic to test the car against, but I'm not the kind of guy to provoke anyone on the road anyway. At 70mph you can drive off boost too so as not to empty the fuel tank too quickly! Through the twisty roads the LSD just made the car feel so much tighter and controlled, a definitely worthwhile upgrade.
    That's all I can really say for now, but for anyone considering getting this done - you will not regret it. Yes it's a fair bit of money, but definitely worth every penny.
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    leespiro reacted to sedge in Worst job on a vr   
    I didn't think heater matrix was too bad but mines a mk2 golf, maybe that makes it a bit easier?
    Re-fitting the drivers side wishbone after putting power flex bushes in was by far the most frustrating job for me, the locating washers and spacer tube are an absolute nightmare to fit! Well worth the effort though that said.
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    leespiro got a reaction from sep in Describe your day in 3 words   
    fuck in hangover
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    leespiro got a reaction from D11PS in Post your rolling road results here!!   
    mine made 365.2bhp 302 tq mk3 vr6 rotrex c30 94 
    yesterday at stealth racing good job
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    leespiro got a reaction from D11PS in meth   
    hi all im thinking of fitting water meth injection to mygolf mk3 vr6 rotrex chargeris there any guide or link to give me some idea on how to do it thanks lee
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    leespiro got a reaction from D11PS in Supercharged mk3 golf vr6   
    yer 263 and rotrex c30 94 
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    leespiro reacted to Bealieboy in Describe your day in 3 words   
    4 day weekend!
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    leespiro got a reaction from Poriordan in Phil's mk3 vr6 turbo build   
    just read through all of the pages my eyes are hurting
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    leespiro got a reaction from VR6Pete in Changing Valve Springs   
    yeh got the graphs after 5 k its not smooth up and down
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    leespiro reacted to VR6Pete in Engine Rebuild Timelapse   
    Not a VR6, but still awesome to watch!

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