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  1. I have a VF 9 with a gruven parts 8 psi pulley and aircon. I need to check the length as i purchased 2 from VF earlier this year and they are the wrong size, they offered to sell me some more, but would not confirm the length, so i didn't bother. In the end i made some belts up myself, but would prefer a proper belt
  2. Are these still for sale, and if so, whats the length of them? Are they for an aircon or non aircon car? Thanks
  3. Thanks, i did think about going direct origianlly, but rumours of the price put me off...... Had no option no and am speaking to them, looking like £75 each plus fees, plus tax, plus shipping and then finally import taxes
  4. Sorry to bump this old thread, anyone have any updates to this or places to locate this belt?
  5. If he's not, and you find one, I am looking for one too!!!
  6. Hi, As per title, I am after some 280mm calipers and carriers please. Many thanks Mark
  7. for some reason it didn't post my whole post, so rest of it So some nice new 82mm pistons for the rebuild Also new bearings
  8. Well opened up the packages so I can put them together before sending them off for a refurb. Got a bargain on these babies, rear set up had loads of meat on the pads and disks, same with the front pads too, shame I will be bining them all. Just need to find so decent pads for the front now
  9. Didn't know that, makes sense. Will mention it to the engineer. Thanks for that
  10. Still working on it, new Pistons in the post, should be here tomorrow. Hopefully go off to engine builders after that. I had troubles finding an engine builder that didn't have a 2-3 month wait, thoughi may still go with one of those, still haven't decided
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