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  1. Various parts for sale

    Manifold still for sale?
  2. Stage 2 VF9 belt

    Sorry to bump this old thread, anyone have any updates to this or places to locate this belt?
  3. Barrie, i'll take it please Pm incoming Cheers Mark
  4. Dekerf1996

  5. VR6 OBD2 wiring loom

    If he's not, and you find one, I am looking for one too!!!
  6. Brakes 280mm Calipers and carries

    Hi, As per title, I am after some 280mm calipers and carriers please. Many thanks Mark
  7. Black stone

    for some reason it didn't post my whole post, so rest of it So some nice new 82mm pistons for the rebuild Also new bearings
  8. Black stone

    Another day another package
  9. Black stone

    Well opened up the packages so I can put them together before sending them off for a refurb. Got a bargain on these babies, rear set up had loads of meat on the pads and disks, same with the front pads too, shame I will be bining them all. Just need to find so decent pads for the front now
  10. Head refresh

    Didn't know that, makes sense. Will mention it to the engineer. Thanks for that
  11. Head refresh

    Still working on it, new Pistons in the post, should be here tomorrow. Hopefully go off to engine builders after that. I had troubles finding an engine builder that didn't have a 2-3 month wait, thoughi may still go with one of those, still haven't decided
  12. Black stone

    Oh and to add to the build cost, might be purchasing a new "daily" which of course will be supercharged, should make 5 of them for me once all built, hopefully over winter!!!
  13. Black stone

    Think things have got a little out of hand on this build now... It's only a cheap daily!!! Think I have finally found an engine builder who is free before Christmas, and he's local, so spending more money tomorrow on new Pistons oem 2.9 spec as vw don't do them anymore!!! Discounted wossners as they just up to my build.... Though I have just purchased some for a different build... Also more purchases in last few weeks Any guesses on what they are?? Let's just say they need refinishing, but will look great once done
  14. Black stone

    More parcels arrived, think I have blown the budget now!!! Just need to find a decent engine builder now :-(
  15. Black stone

    Well finally got some more time on the car today :-) So engine was only loosely in the car, so wipped it out leaving a hole But that was the easy part!!! Time to break it down and see the damage Let's remove all the ancillaries, found loads of damaged bolts, poor paint over things and bolts. Previous owner who removed the engine had really messed things up. Head, not too bad, slight heat problems on 4 cylinders but not that bad Block, doesn't look too bad, actually minimal wear Closer inspection No lip but plenty of bore wash, as suspected. Spark plug did confirm too. So new piston rings, might as well see about balancing the engine too whilst it's all apart. Hopefully the box and flywheel are off to hotgolf for some work :-) Think the reason is poor setup of the charger, maf between charger and TB, never good, and also a bit of damage to the wiring to the blue temp sensor. Both will need looking at. Thankfully the charger is ok. So with that in mind thought it best to try some new shoes on her Artecs Bugatti BBS Fitment with spacers, not bad BBS RC41/42 combo with crap tyres Not sure which ones to go for, do have some other refurbished dailies waiting