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  1. Been blumming ages since I last came on this site (have a s4 avant) yeah, I had a dragon green vr but long gone in 2012, think I had a bmw at that time.......looking on here as I fancy a Corrado plaything
  2. As per topic post really. I see this car most Saturday's on my return to my depot, I have plenty of time to gorp as I pass by on my milk float
  3. As the title states, anyone on here???
  4. I seen a White Mansory Pananera in Castlefield Manchester, a couple of months ago!
  5. Book Worm for me! Had it for over three years now, still play it religiously everyday. When I'm waiting to pick the kids up, on the John, when in bed! Very addictive, level 38 my highest rank!
  6. There was someone on here about 6 months ago, he had a passat VR!
  7. Also, is there a receipt there, regarding the cost of vinyl wrap. Wouldn't mind mine doing you see! Cheers
  8. Like it! The car broke the splitter on purpose, granting you access! Clever car!
  9. Mine has the grooves on the outside on the belt! Is this wrong?
  10. Glad it says Bugatti! Unfortunately my Veyron is in for a service so I will have to come in the lesser 6 unit!
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