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  1. Or would it just go to an earthing point??
  2. Hello people, Ok so I've stripped all my wiring back so I can follow all the wires etc, but I'm miffed my one!! Now I have also used the a2 resource pin out but this doesn't help a bit, Basically I've cut 2 wires on my lamba plug as I'm doing a full engine tuck, now the problem I have is trying to find the earth on the lamba plug, I know that it's meant to go to pin12 on the ecu, but this is blanked off, there's nothin there, same with all the other earth options for the lamba sensor!!! So where do I go now?? Any help!??
  3. got to work with the hammerite spray paint!!!! here's my PAS rack. then i cleaned up my ARB bush brackets! before: After:
  4. few pics. sorted out the steering rack problem i had... fitted powerflex bush.... then started to bolt a few of the engine bolt on's back on... all bolted up got the gearbox to go on next - i'm not happy with how the engine is painted tho... however i think once it's all in... you wouldnt see it
  5. its still on going mate just at a super slow pace!!! not alot as happened as i'm awaiting alot on other people!!!
  6. not finished yet mind.... got the pedel box sorted....
  7. blast clean in longdowns mate... pricey but heard there the best... dead line is 5 weeks - A.K.A brizzle volksfest
  8. bitta work tonight.... removed the master cylinder etc... bits ready to go for the powder coaters... engine partly stripped...
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