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Couple of little jobs done over the past week....


Painting the new rear calipers...




Doing a bit of tweaking on the map and adding in timing up the top of the rev range while fine tuning the VE table..







I changed the view from kPa to PSI as I think this tends to make it a little more relatable so as you can see I am currently running a mere 16psi... the reported power is a little unbelievable tbh, it really doesn't feel like 560hp but I plan to get the car back on the dyno for another few runs so I can check my changes and make any further tweaks to get the engine where I want it


Further to preparing for the DSG swap I have sorted a panel for the fuses and relays I will need...



This will attach to the car using a couple of rivnuts...






...and clears the filter nicely...



...of course the panel was painted :)



Waiting on some crimp terminals then I will start wiring everything in including the DSG gearbox loom and all the other bits I need to drive the starter inhibit and reverse light etc..



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Awesome work!

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