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Matty's Golf mk4 R32 Turbo 4 motion

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On 5/20/2018 at 9:52 PM, matty.vrt said:


Went out in the car this weekend but was too excited for videos emoji51.png.

Car was misfiring and after checking all the coils we came to the conclusion it must be the injectors.

After pulling the injectors 2 were totally blocked.


Some cleaning fluid and some compressed air from the local Tesco garage and the blockage was clear.



VIDEO'S, VIDEO'S, VIDEO'S........ Come on, we've waited long enough now! :D (Oh and preferably with it spanking some poser in their flashy motor!)

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After cleaning the injectors the car ran loads better by I was still not confident that they were delivering equal fuel supply to each cylinder.

With a planned switch to E85 to take advantage of its cooling properties we installed these 225lbs (2360cc) Billet Atomizer injectors


With plans to visit SantaPod we fitted these 245/40/18 M&H race master street radials


After a few trips out on the road (sorry no none incriminating videos taken) we had a disaster when the Fluid Dampir crank pulley decided to come off.


New bolt made and standard pulley fitted


With that fixed we were off to Santapod


Then I hit the strip


The car needs lots of adjustment and setting up. The first run the car would not rev past the launch rev limiter i set at 4000rpm so a disappointing 16.01 pass was recorded

The next pass without the launch on this time the car bogged on the line hard but flew for the second half to net another disappointing 15.89

Given that the car should be more than capable of 10 second quarters I was a bit gutted.

That feeling only grew as I drove back to the pits after the second run and started to hear the faint and ever growing sound of rod knock


After pulling the head and being able to push piston no 5 down I knew it was definitely goosed.


Time for a rebuild

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