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South East area 1st meet?

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SOME pics from today Look forward to seeing Josh's group photo he took outside jd classics

It's been a great day so far, just in for refreshments currently. Here's a pic from earlier

Nice sounding highline mistline https://vimeo.com/120310994

I'm getting visions of a convoy or VR6's driving around the Hertfordshire/ Essex countryside for hours behind a certain mulberry coloured car looking for this pub!

I'll make sure I've got plenty of petrol!

Mistline has a built in radar specifically for pubs, either that or he's got the nose like a wolf and can smell erdingher Weiss bier from miles!
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Here's a turn up for the club, I and a few members in the essex, saaaf laandaan and Hertfordshire area decided we ought to do something in the way of getting together.

So the date is set for Sunday 22nd of feb 2015, the location as yet is unknown but it will involve a bit of a blat and a pit stop in as suitably decent beverage serving establishment. This offer also extends to the surrounding counties and cities.

So far on the list we have:









Ibs hopefully

Gt53bad hopefully

Djiceman hopefully

If anyone else fancies a trip out, please let us know via adding yourself to the list or pm. It should be a good half day out.

This is looking like it could be a good turn out. Any more for a Sunday lunchtime blast followed by refreshments and possibly sustenance? Edited by Bealieboy
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Good thinking Saunders on the parking situation. We've got a couple coming from Slough area, one from ilford/ barking area, one from stortford, three from chelmsfor area and two from Hertfordshire? I think we should be looking for a venue a little more central and Defo off the m25.

What's the roads like in the Epping area, Good for vr6 ing?

I had a blast up the A405 A1 with Mistline the other week, plenty of dual carriageway and roundabouts!

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What's the general consensus of what you guys and gals want to do then?

Meet up, go for a drive, have a beer and chew the fat.

Do you want a full day at it?

I like the look of that beachy head drive but don't want to alienate others who may not be willing to drive all that way.

We could meet at a12/m25 junction services if wanting to do the beachy head route?

Let's discuss!

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So you guys want me to come from the garden of England to the slums of England to pass back over that extortionate piece of french owned crap?

Just as well I'm a local resident and don't pay for the dartford toll. Haha

Can I suggest that anyone kent bound gets picked up from bluewater. Especially if we're going to the south coast. Instead of making people drive dead mileage. Doesn't bother me but it's an idea

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