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What company will insure me cheaply?

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Hello, so I've been looking to buy a Golf Mk3 VR6 and want to get insurance on it for a small amount of miles a year. I'm looking to drive it at a maximum once a week. The lowest quote I have so far is £4.6k which is more than the car it's self.


I'm 17, so hence the high quotes. I've even had companies say no.


Please help!

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Welcome to the club.


We do have some affiliations with insurance companies - check out club membership, however im not sure if your age will go against you.


I pay paying through the nose when I insured my VR6 at the age of 18..... I'm now 30 so can only imagine what prices you are getting quoted!

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Hi Kieran. Welcome to the club.

I think you may struggle mate in the fact that you don't have any or very little driving experience.

If you going to shop around I would certainly go direct to the insurer as apposed to comparison websites. Ie Go compare, compare the market etc. the comparison websites share your info and once quoted you don't stand a chance mate.

Before quoting, take in account things that would lower your premium.

1. Limited mileage.

2. Cat 1 alarm system and immobiliser.

3. Tracking system.

4. Where your vehicle is kept over night.

5. Adding additional drivers to lower the risk assesment.

The insurers will take all these into account when quoting. I just think your age will let you down.

Good luck mate because you are seriously missing out not owning a vr6.

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Buy the car, (a doer upper) and have a tinker, you can teach yourself some mechanical skills along the way. Think about the long term, once you've got the car how you want it, you will have been driving for a few months by then and insurance would be cheaper. Failing that, but a sleeper mk2 cl with vr conversion. Oh yeah, and don't tell anyone it's a Vr!

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