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Afternoon all

Took my motor for a bit of a run today and managed 120 miles to a 1/4 of a tank £20 @ 1.17 per litre ...does that sound right /good ? Not really sure what to expect in mpg altho I know not going to be 30+ range

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My 12v did 430 with some left in reserve

That's with 230 motorway miles was steady though most of the way

I can only do about 5min of steady with the 24v lol

Besides the obvious of servicing/ maintaince

I used chevron techron couple weeks before an oil change

And spraying water in the inlet then spraying pure meth too

I got a water/meth injection kit so it's easy

Sounds like a lot of work but it steam cleans the combustion chamber and the meth gets rid of the oil deposits in the inlet

I'm at stealth tomorrow at bloody 9am!!

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It's an old Aquamist 806-052 and a 0.4 jet

I have a devilsown jet which is smaller that's better suited but since we moved I s been miss placed with one of my rear head reat

There is a relay and a rocker switch somewhere and a pressure switch from when a built a cinquecento and a seicento turbo back in the day

I had just wired it directly

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