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Oh dear!!!!

Right i have a '97 mk3 golf vr6. I had an advisory on the bushes on last years MOT, so i decided to do them this year before it got tested. I did the ones on my mk2 golf so went ahead and got the powerflex bushes for the 5 stud hub cars and stripped the car down. Great - I had the beam off the car and the old bushes out in a couple of hours.

I came to fitting the bushes and as per the instructions they just slid into the beam. Offered the beam back up into the brackets on the chassis and it wont go back in. If you get the bush in the bracket on 1 side, the other is out by about 10mm.

I have piccys somewhere ill post em l8r.

Now i dont really want to loosen the brackets on the chassis as i shouldnt have to. I have also spoken to powerflex and got the dimensions for the bushes and they seem to be about right.

I have also got some standard bushes and compared them to the powerflex ones and if you line the radi up then the power flex one is different by about 3-4mm.

So has anyone else encountered problems whilst trying this???

Or does anyone have any ideas or help??

Powerflex have come back with 'its a problem with your car' well they would do!!!!



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Sorry mate, i can't help you with this but i'm fishing for some info.

I have some Powerflex bushes for my Corrado but i took one look at the beam and decided that i might not be able to do it. I couldn't see how to get the new bushes in, is it from the bottom or beam off and slide in from the top?

The bottom of my beam where the bush sits is curved and no way a bush is going in that way.

I would say that the Powerflex ones look big and maybe they need to be compressed and squeezed in.


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Yes when i burnt the old rubber out i went in with a hacksaw and cut the steel outer.

They fit in the beam ok, and will fit in the bracket on the car, but when in the beam they wont go!

Here are the piccys..





As you can see with the other side in the bracket this side is out by what 8 - 10mm.....

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Here is a standard bush compared to the powerflex one when the radi are lined up, you can see the difference in height.


The bushes are the same overall length but where the radius starts is different.

This one show the difference in where the radius starts when the bushes are placed on end next to each other.


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Help... I have just come up against the same problem as the first post from 6cyl_si how the hell do you get them back in ? Do i adjust the hanger brackets both sides to fit them back in or is that a big no no. With them being 10 mm out i cant see how its possible without adjusting the hanger brackets they have ovals in them for adjusting right??

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