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  1. For the last couple of years I've had a fault that has been steadily getting worse. I found that the engine was stuttering on a really light throttle and always between 1200-1800 revs. There was no problem at high speed or high revs but low down and especially on cold mornings, it was a real pain. I've been swapping parts and changing sensors with no effect until I finally got round to changing my fuel filter for a new one which has been in my shed for - 2 years! So, the fix was sitting there all along and I'm ashamed to say that the filter on the car was the original as the hoses were faste
  2. Cheers Goth, i was looking everywhere for that. Thanks Guy, i'll give it one more go today and see what happens.
  3. Does anyone know what happened to the list of people with VAG-COM willing to help others read their fault codes? Was that on here or am i thinking of somewhere else? I may need someone in Suffolk to read my codes if i can't get my cable to work (cheap one from ebay - worth a go i thought). James.
  4. Hi mate, i have 17"x8J with a 38 offest by ASA. The rears are slightly too wide and i have rubbed the wheel arch when carrying two bikes and hit a dip in the road, other than that they clear just fine. The fronts wouldn't even go over the pad carriers due to the offest being 38 rather than a stock 43 so i had to grind a couple of mill. off the carriers with no problems since. The fronts clear the arch well and there's no problem with room on full lock. I would say the an 8J will give you a slightly wide Euro look. If you don't like that (and it is only slightly wide) then go 7.5J or 7J, if you
  5. efil4sbuD

    Rear Lights

    Hi mate, i have done this to mine using Lamin-x which i obtained from Neil Riley on the CGTI website. He in turn got it from Empire Graphics in the States but he may have some still for sale otherwise go direct. It is a plastic film which you lay on with soapy water, squeeze the excess away and heat it to mould it to your lights. A bit fiddly to get it right but worth the effort. Here's mine, and another here.
  6. Sorry mate, i can't help you with this but i'm fishing for some info. I have some Powerflex bushes for my Corrado but i took one look at the beam and decided that i might not be able to do it. I couldn't see how to get the new bushes in, is it from the bottom or beam off and slide in from the top? The bottom of my beam where the bush sits is curved and no way a bush is going in that way. I would say that the Powerflex ones look big and maybe they need to be compressed and squeezed in. James.
  7. Anyone have angel eyes? Any chance of getting a picture up please? Ta.
  8. Hi, any chance of getting a photo of your angel eyes both lit and unlit? I'm thinking of getting some but haven't been able to get a good look at them on a car yet. Cheers, James.
  9. Do you need one of those readers or can you just use a cable from ebay to connect to a laptop with Vagcom installed and get Vagcom to read and clear the codes? James.
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