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  1. anna


    This Wednesday prept by Annavr6Photography, on Flickr
  2. Following on from the success of Unite42nite last year, Prept and VW Heritage are collaborating again to bring something even better This year VW Heritage have the track secured for use by all VWs (track time needs to be booked - starting at £25 for 20mins) Track demo's will also be running with Race Cars coming from The Apex Festival and German Tuners Nothelle. We also have a bigger area occupying the bottom paddock, so everyone should get it in, with Cool Flo Vintage on board offering the entertainment and their signature splitscreen buses. The Show and shine will be larger than ever, and
  3. anna


    prept by Annavr6Photography, on Flickr Weds 30th May Brands Hatch £2 per person 7pm till late
  4. anna


    Next Wednesday the 25th prept by Annavr6Photography, on Flickr Can it get any bigger than last month?? Pics from last month http://prept.co.uk/forums/index.php?topic=775.0
  5. anna


    bump for this week and lovely weather oh adn an extra hour of daylight lol
  6. anna


    prept by Annavr6Photography, on Flickr Wednesday 28th March 7pm onwards Brands Hatch £2 per person entry Was really busy last month and if this weather says like it has been should be a good meet
  7. anna


    bumpy this weds
  8. anna


    few peeps have said tehy are coming and possibly a few aircooled also
  9. anna


    bumppppppppppppppppppppppppppp Looking to be a busy one
  10. anna


    This month it falls for once in a 4 year chance only onthe 29th Febuary Usual time 7pm onwards £2 perperson entry prept by Annavr6Photography, on Flickr
  11. prept by Annavr6Photography, on Flickr 25th Jan
  12. Continuing the celebration of our 25th year anniversary comes two great offers at VW Heritage. The first is a great chance to get all the parts you need for your winter project for less. We are knocking 10% off all orders over £100 placed during December saving you money for more VW parts no doubt! (Sorry, this isn’t on top of your club discounts) Secondly, how would you like to take a VIP Trip to Wolfsburg paid for by VW Heritage?! Yeah?!– This prize is worth over 2 grand! It includes 2 nights in the 5 star Ritz Carlton, VIP trips round the factory, museum and Autostadt, not to mention
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