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  1. How do you carry out the blink code test on a 1993 vr6 AAA engine.
  2. The problem is either a knackered new sensor or a wiring fault to the sensor, check that the wires haven't snapped or partially snapped by the connecter were the wires go in. Have you got access to a multi meter.
  3. Did you drive it up the road first to centre the steering wheel before recalibration the sensor?
  4. No no you need to take it to a garage and get the wheel alignment done then calibrate the sensor
  5. Need to get your tracking reset and then recalibrate the sensor again.
  6. You need to calibrate the sensor for the light to go off, you can do it with your vagcom or I could do it with my snap-on solus.
  7. Would anyone be interested in all of the glazing for a 1993 5 door mk3 golf, all glass bar the tail gate glass and sunroof. Make me an offer if interested. Cheers
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