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  1. Does anybody know if a mk4 20th speedometer can be swapped in a mk4 VR6?
  2. Do I just disconnect the clock spring center it and connect it?
  3. So I did calibrate the angle sensor and finally the light shut off. But now after I drive my car for a couple of min the light turns back on. Now from my understanding if the steering wheel is centered it should be showing that it's zeroed out? Well my steering shell is only zeroed out when it's slightly turned left.
  4. Where is the yaw sensor located? That is true but before I installed the new one. My VR6 would start to apply my ABS breaks and my car will make really loud grinding noise. I can keep the Peddle down the the ground and it wouldn't want to move
  5. I can't get my traction control light to shut off I hooked up my vag com cable and tried deleting it after I installed my new angle sensor due to me breaking my last one. But the code keeps coming back. PLEASE HELP!
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