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  1. johnthunder

  2. VW Golf VR6 for sale

    VW Golf VR6 1997 I am selling my VR6 for spares or repairs. I have been using it daily until last week when I went to Leeds, the car was motoring fine halfway down the motorway, I continued to the service station and the car was running lumpy. I checked it out and could not find the fault so I continued on my way. When I arrived in Leeds I arranged for the car to be brought home. Upon checking the car one of the plugs had burnt its spark plug, the electrode was missing. I can only imagine it's either damaged a piston or the electrode has stuck in a valve opening because its failing to ignite on cylinder 1. I don't have the time or space or funds to repair so I just bought a van to get me about. The car was bought a year ago, I gave it fresh oil and filters, new plugs and leads and set about making it run good. I have fitted a full set of coil overs to it last year and it sits nice and firm on the ground like a go cart. It's had new disks all round, the anti rust type. New pads all round. New ball joints. New CV joints. New bearings. Poly bushed on the suspension. Custom Quick Shifter. Was recently aligned but the tyres are wearing a bit on the front, still loads of life left but its a monster car where front tyres are concerned. The front end has been Vento'd. Lights, bonnet, grill etc. I still have the original parts for the car in the garage and they will go with the car. Apart from the fault with the motor, there is a fault on the ABS, this is caused by a faulty wire that need replacing on one of the front wheels, when the inner CV boot was replaced the garage didn't route the wire correctly and it brushed against the wheel causing a short, so the car thinks there is a dodgy sensor. Also the rear windows need looking at if you want to use the power windows, I never really got around to looking at them. Selling the car in one lump as it is, £500 Located in Scartho, near Cleethorpes.
  3. Polly Shocker top mounts

    I fitted a set to mine. https://goo.gl/photos/BHEMwMaZPTdBmiLh6 They are ok, can't really compare to the standard rubbers as my VR was really neglected when I got it, had old worn bushes and broken coils, I have replaced loads but the polys do the job.
  4. Shifting to first problem

    Mine used to do the same, it originally came with a B&M short shifter and it was a pain to select anything without looking like I'm whisking cream for a cake. I got a better selector and fitted it along with a new plastic thingy that fits on the gearbox end. Things improved loads but first and second were still a bit tricky along with a stiff 5th. Last night on a run I shoved her into 5th and felt a twang (oh god) lost 5th as soon as I dropped out from it. I had to fight for reverse when I got her home and then took a peek. The flimsy tin metal that the box is made of has slowly worn, bent and snapped away because of the amount of force required to get it into gear. I decided to reinforce it all with 4mm aluminium plates, I first cut a few cardboard templates and then fitted. Now it the gear changes are like a sports car, nice and close and I can get into each one no problem, sometimes first needs to go through second sometimes but it's so much better. I will try to add pictures of the simple reinforcement job if it lets me upload them. https://goo.gl/photos/LaUoPquxqKDq1CfDA https://goo.gl/photos/PMoAPP5EmM7EtdBZA https://goo.gl/photos/TVzmtfMJWjm1ytkFA
  5. Cleethorpes Tesco

    So I was parked up in my Silver VR6 watching a couple having the most beautiful argument in the car park when I heard that mysterious engine note that I know all too well. It drove past the shop entrance and I thought I would take a drive by on the way out, so I got out my car (Walked past the girl who had been fighting with her fella, she was cute so I smiled at her which cheered her up) and I went into the store. I came out a little later and got back in my car and took a drive around and saw to young guys heading for the MK3 Golf, they obviously heard mine and clocked me driving past and they jumped in and tailed me out of the car park heading towards home. Shame the road was really busy as we were both itching to gas our cars along the road. Heading for home into Scartho he turned off just the other side of the road that I live, so if you are the owner "Hi" Was an M Reg looked in pretty good condition.
  6. rear bearings.

    Or you can buy a bearing drift kit for about £15 from a popular auction site.
  7. Difference in coil overs

    I put a set of TA Technics on mine, they cost me about £150 for the set and I thought it was a bad idea, however since I wasn't sure on the car at the time, I thought better of chucking tons of cash at it just in case, I only just bought it and was not sure if we would get along (I now love the car despite it needing loads of work) I ordered poly bushes for fronts and rear as the old rubbers were totally wrecked, the car has been abandoned really. When the shocks came I tried to understand the German instructions and follow the guides but the car felt terrible to drive on the first run. I stripped it about 5 times until I came up with my own measurements and now it's really nice to drive on those shocks, it feels similar to my WRX on ride comfort, just need to get the wheel alignment right and fit the camber bolts. So cheap can be good but do need some tinkering. The first day I got the VR and gave it a bath. Technics Shocks fitted with polys.