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  1. VW Golf VR6 1997 I am selling my VR6 for spares or repairs. I have been using it daily until last week when I went to Leeds, the car was motoring fine halfway down the motorway, I continued to the service station and the car was running lumpy. I checked it out and could not find the fault so I continued on my way. When I arrived in Leeds I arranged for the car to be brought home. Upon checking the car one of the plugs had burnt its spark plug, the electrode was missing. I can only imagine it's either damaged a piston or the electrode has stuck in a valve op
  2. I fitted a set to mine. https://goo.gl/photos/BHEMwMaZPTdBmiLh6 They are ok, can't really compare to the standard rubbers as my VR was really neglected when I got it, had old worn bushes and broken coils, I have replaced loads but the polys do the job.
  3. Mine used to do the same, it originally came with a B&M short shifter and it was a pain to select anything without looking like I'm whisking cream for a cake. I got a better selector and fitted it along with a new plastic thingy that fits on the gearbox end. Things improved loads but first and second were still a bit tricky along with a stiff 5th. Last night on a run I shoved her into 5th and felt a twang (oh god) lost 5th as soon as I dropped out from it. I had to fight for reverse when I got her home and then took a peek. The flimsy tin metal that the box is made of has slowly worn, bent
  4. So I was parked up in my Silver VR6 watching a couple having the most beautiful argument in the car park when I heard that mysterious engine note that I know all too well. It drove past the shop entrance and I thought I would take a drive by on the way out, so I got out my car (Walked past the girl who had been fighting with her fella, she was cute so I smiled at her which cheered her up) and I went into the store. I came out a little later and got back in my car and took a drive around and saw to young guys heading for the MK3 Golf, they obviously heard mine and clocked me driving past and
  5. Or you can buy a bearing drift kit for about £15 from a popular auction site.
  6. I put a set of TA Technics on mine, they cost me about £150 for the set and I thought it was a bad idea, however since I wasn't sure on the car at the time, I thought better of chucking tons of cash at it just in case, I only just bought it and was not sure if we would get along (I now love the car despite it needing loads of work) I ordered poly bushes for fronts and rear as the old rubbers were totally wrecked, the car has been abandoned really. When the shocks came I tried to understand the German instructions and follow the guides but the car felt terrible to drive on the first run. I s
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