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  1. Are there any websites to order a valve cover for my 98 jetta vr6? Mine is plastic and got melted some on the exhaust side of the motor so it still leaks even with a new gasket.
  2. My jetta won't start it turn over but won't start. People are saying timing but idk also I tried to put a video up on here of what it's doing but it won't seem to let me.
  3. My heat in my 98 jetta is not hot what would cause this? Do I need to flush my heater core?
  4. Idk it doesn't feel like there is an issue with the breaks
  5. Can you pull the cover for the abs on the dash and put it back in?
  6. This circuit board just fell out at my feet the other day. Does anyone know what it's for and where it goes? It does seem like it changed anything but I just want to know if it should be put back.
  7. I already have it in but thanks I had to bypass my amp though but its all good it Probably wouldn't have sounded any better with it
  8. Does anyone know where I can find the wheel dust cap for my 98 jetta glx. I have been looking for a while for one but cant find it and volkswagen wants like $24 for one which is stupid when they are like $2 for any other car.
  9. Check hoses, thermostat and housing, also coolant temperature sensor, but you probably just need a new cap like baelieboy said. I use to have that issue with my jetta.
  10. i just plugged up my new kenwood but there is no sound and i know i have to plug it up to the amp some how but i do not know which wire it is. ive been told its pink but there is not a pink wire just a black wire.
  11. I have a 98 jetta glx with the bose system in it and i have bought an aftermarket radio and the metra 70- 1784 but it looks like my factory wiring harness has been cut so how am i supposed to install my radio.
  12. i have a 98 jetta glx and my glove box handle is broke. what is the trick to getting into them without the handle?
  13. I am looking for the rocker panel covers for my 98 jetta glx.
  14. Is that something that you can get at any auto parts store?
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