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  1. does anyone know where i can get vw logo seat covers from ?

  2. has anyone got a dragon green p/s mirror cover for sale

  3. another coat of polish for the show on 21st june
  4. thanks daveyboy will get them booked today cabbs ha ha ha
  5. o no a drive through car wash they should be banned and espesially in a vr6
  6. just dont drive it like you have stole it.these old girls have had 20 plus years of pain just cruise
  7. has anyone put itb throttle bodies on there vr info would be good

  8. hands are killing and bleeding, flatted inlet manifold with verious grades of sand paper to polish it and make it shiny but she is worth it
  9. the best thing to do is a coolant preasure test and see where the leak is coming from then you will defo know
  10. me and my mate took the old girls to a show it was ace racing on the way back got up to 130mph and backed off tried to upload pics but it is saying content to big what a load of s###t
  11. rocker engine breather has anyone removed the pipe and fitted a filter

  12. took her to two shows this weekend had a pic of my car profesionally done mint weekend then opened her up on the a34 to a nice 120 with my mate in his cosworh
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