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  1. does anyone know where i can get vw logo seat covers from ?

  2. has anyone got a dragon green p/s mirror cover for sale

  3. thanks daveyboy will get them booked today cabbs ha ha ha
  4. just dont drive it like you have stole it.these old girls have had 20 plus years of pain just cruise
  5. has anyone put itb throttle bodies on there vr info would be good

  6. the best thing to do is a coolant preasure test and see where the leak is coming from then you will defo know
  7. rocker engine breather has anyone removed the pipe and fitted a filter

  8. she doesnt go out in the rain no more she had 19 years of salty shit british weather. the show is in wigan this weekend, and i am defo going to leeds i am on vr6oc stand get on it with us
  9. un fortunatly no i am a northen lad from manchester but i dont mind travelling in the old girl she likes a nice ride out. i am at a vw show this weekend, but if it is raining i ant getting her out
  10. she will be fine with a new coil pack and leads mine went not long ago and the old girl runs sweet now
  11. the joys of motoring.are you going to any shows this year?
  12. hi everyone i am selling my full set of snap on tools and snap on box if anyone is interested it is advertised on gumtree for a look at pics

    1. oliver cox

      oliver cox

      i have spent 13k on them over the years

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