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  1. You still got the stock air Filtre mate ?
  2. Any one in London got a. Stock air Filtre for a vr6
  3. Vr6 Highline breaking. All parts available. Call for more info on parts on 07949 999160.
  4. Golf mk3 exhaust. For sale. £100 Collection only. South east london
  5. Just have to look about to be honest.
  6. Not really as my mate just picked up a. Mint Mulbury. Highline. For £1300. I just see a. Nice 4 door for £1500 on here but it's way out my way. And. There is a few nice ones on gumtre for £1700 £1800 but far from London. Too
  7. Original if possible. Not modified
  8. Looking to buy a vr6 2 door. Highline if possible in. Black. With. Full service history. close to London. Budget. £1000 to £1500 Picture for attention
  9. Not to worry just seen your add on. Facebook. Your to far. For me
  10. Have you got any service historic with it ??
  11. Any service history ??
  12. Bit to much out my budget. Mate but thank you for the offer
  13. Has any one got a. Cheap set off. Vr6 or GTI. Alloys. For sale. In London.
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