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  1. DizzeeMK3

  2. Mk3 golf GL auto vr6 swap.

    I've put a lot of time and effort into em the shell and interior. Would be a waste just to by another golf, I found a bloke selling all the parts I need just not 100% what I need to make the vr6 lump I have work. I know I need auto box, auto flywheel.auto starter motor, auto ecu, auto gearbox control unit, with the engine loom and gearbox loom. Etc Just not 100% sure on what I need
  3. Mk3 golf GL auto vr6 swap.

    Anyone help me please ?
  4. How to clean the interior of the white mouldy crud?

    Go to morrisons and hire a rug doctor with the upulstry kit. Grab few bottle of the upulstry clearer. Hiring is 20 odd quid for 24hours. Can do floor.seats and door cards. Nice fresh and new. I'd put a few drops of some sort or fruit oil in the water aswell. Smells nice
  5. Mk4 dash into Mk3? How hard?

    Far as I know the dash need a tiny trim round the bottom edges at each end, And new brackets welded But it's a simple swap if ya have a welder. Fitting the dash is only 30% if the effort. The wiring is a long ass job I read. I was looking at doing it to my mk3 but think I might leave it as I have no welder ATM
  6. Headlining - Fix or replace

    I've just brought 10m of black suede to redo my headliner and all plastics happy days as it cost me £50
  7. Hey, I been scratching my head over this. Can someone help out please. I have a mk3 golf 1.8 GL auto, I would like to put a vr6 engine in her but with a vr6 auto box, I already have a vr6 engine out if a manual vr6 I'm breaking. My cars already for the gearbox ecu under the rear seats. I know I will need an automatic box, auto box ecu and some sort if wiring for the automatic box ? Can anyone elaborate on this for me as I can't find much on this. I don't want the go manual debate lol Cheers buddy's Callam
  8. Can you polish scratches out of glass?

    You can. I seen people use fine metal polish on a machine buffer
  9. Converting a automatic to a manual box

    Just out if intrest bud, where are you ? I'm looking for an auto box. ?
  10. How to permanently stick my front vr6 badge!

    Soldering iron and melt the back together. Will be quite tidy if you have a steady hand mate
  11. Vr6 Auto Box Limitations

    I would like to tune up my mk3 vr6 auto. How far can I go before the auto box will become a problem Cheers