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    Great looking car
  2. Cheers guys! I used spray gun and compressor but I was quite lucky with the back arches manage to get all the repair work done behind the black trim on the arches. So I didn't have to feather the paint work in. You can get a good finish with rattle can. There's a good write up on here somewhere on how to spray with cans
  3. Then I lowered the suspension a bit more and got some new wheels
  4. Hi, I know it's been a while since I have done an update on my Vr. Its all sprayed up and looking nice. Quite surprised myself on how well i have done.
  5. I did my rear bearings the other year. I think I found a guide on Google. Pretty easy to do, it's the fronts you need a press[emoji106]
  6. Glad to be of help[emoji106] thanks for that link, I thought I'd have to adjust something when I put my coilovers on!
  7. Here's some pic mate, hope they are some use!! The brake lines follow the bodywork. Just a quick question I've put some coilovers on, do I need to adjust the compensator ????
  8. I'm sure mine's got a compensator on. If I get time I'll take a pic tonight but if not it'll be tomorrow.
  9. Yeh found this place on the net "jewal paints" that does a 2k laquer that hasn't got the isocyanate in. So I can spray it at home. Smallest they do is 2.5lts £22. So plenty to go at there[emoji106]
  10. Cheers for that guys[emoji2] hopefully going to start spraying next week[emoji106]
  11. As the title says: I've got 2 wings and from the bump strips down on both sides to paint!!
  12. I was reading his build thread the other day defiantly knows what he's doing. So he'll be busy then!!![emoji23][emoji23]
  13. That should keep you busy. Looking forward to how the nortelle going to turn out. Are you starting a build thread on it?
  14. I've seen you've got a new project,,, looks well[emoji2] Are you planning on keep both?
  15. Didn't know if they were insurance approved but they have gone on pretty good. I'll get some pic's up soon. Phoned the local stealers up and they said they've stopped doing them[emoji30]
  16. Finally got a pair a couple of weeks ago. Not a bad fit got them lined up nice just had to take the hammer to the bit of metal at the back of the wing. As the door opened it would catch. For £40 each cant complain[emoji2]
  17. Welcome to the club!! Looks a nice motor[emoji106] love the colour[emoji2]
  18. That's good news,,,,,,, in a way!!!at least it's not the clutch fork coz you have to take the box out[emoji51]. I'd fit new, you can pick up new slave cylinder on eBay for about £50 it is advised to fit a new master cylinder at the same time, their about £50 as well. Don't know how much a garage would charge to fit them.
  19. All the holes in the sill are all patched, new arch welded on, all ready for a few lays of primer[emoji2][emoji2]
  20. How would I do that?? Do I need to drill some holes in the sill??
  21. Set fire to it[emoji30] didn't mean to!! Some wax type stuff inside the sill court fire when we were welding a new rear arch on[emoji30][emoji30]
  22. Nice motor mate! I love a good mk2[emoji106][emoji106]
  23. Hope so!! Easy fix[emoji2][emoji2]
  24. Hi Alex I've got the same problem, but I haven't had time to sort it out yet!! I posted about it a few months ago and big j was very helpful[emoji106]. Go into vr6oc hangout, then discussion and type in "low biting point" into the search at the top of the screen (I am using tapatalk) then it should be the 8th one down. You should find this very helpful.
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