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  1. RossJT

  2. Just found some one selling them on eBay But I love them always have them open
  3. I know what your saying with colour-coded bumpers but I hate back to Black in them every weekend so it solve that problem and I think you can get away with it with black and then the cream interior I absolutely hate cleaning it but the contrast between the cream and black just works so well and it's been around 4 years but you know what it's like two weeks to do the engine work Two weeks to do the air ride.. just when I have spare time basically which is not very often but no more plans well maybe wheel change in the future if something takes my fancy but apart from that I'm happy with it and just enjoy driving it now so can't complain
  4. So first of all my name is Ross and I'm from Cardiff you may have seen me or my car at shows. It's a 1989 mk2 golf with full 90/g60 body kit finished in black magic pearl. It has the almighty 2.8 vr6 with added boost thanks to the z-engineering supercharger. Running 10.5j on the back and 9.5j on the front all with 195/45/15. Full accuair air ride set up with iLevel app. Recaro seats out of a mk2 escort plus full retraining in cream leather. Pop out windows Porsche front brakes Porsche handles Most work done by me or help from friends If you want any better photos I'm on Instagram Rossjtboss If you want to ask me any questions then fire away I'm happy to answer!
  5. Alternator Query

    Did you find out after ? Does it have a square connection/Plug on it and if so What's the part number?
  6. Does it have a square connection/Plug on it and if so What's the part number?