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  1. I remember similar comments about my cage from the misses aswell Found it wasnt too bad for folk sitting in the back however it did have a good few victims of folk hitting it. Arch work wasnt that major. The metal lip that goes back in the ay was fully cut away but they werent rolled or pulled etc. Front i had to pull out a little but i literally just pulled them with brute force and no roller lol.
  2. Ha! cheers man, Really am gutted i sold it. Going to be a task to get one the same again i think. Im trying to get a highline but only for the colour really as i dont like the interiors. The wheels were 18's on it. Personnally i wouldnt go back to 18's. Id want to run 16 or 17" this time. It was my first time using the machine polisher on my car and just pretty much gave it a bash as at worst i would have got the bad bits sprayed if i balls'd it up.Took a bit but finally worked out and was swirl free. Really like the RC's on yours. would happily own yours any day mate
  3. Yeah thats the way my bodywork was, few small imperfections but i was stupid and sold it on due to them annoying me instead of getting them seen too. Aye bud iv got a members thread, quite old now: http://www.vr6oc.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?324538.0
  4. Love this mate. Reminds me of my old one. Wish had never sold it, on the look for another now to replace it lol. Bodywork looks great for an early one.
  5. Looking for some help here. Fitted a new clutch on my corrado vr6 and now when coming up to the bite point there is a large amount of vibration. I thought it might just need bedding in however it has done over 50 miles now and no difference. I dont think it can be out of allignment as it goes into gear with no problem at all. Drives fine once in gear etc. Will heavily vibrate when coming down the gears for engine braking. Any more info needed ask away Any help appreciated Scott
  6. Tried leeving the ignition on for 20mins then starting it but still didnt make any difference. Not even sure if there was any noises coming from the throttle body. The car hasnt been driven in a while if this may cause any problems? I took it a 20 mile drive and it started to idle better and where it should however occasionally on coming upto junctions and putting the clutch down it would stall as not knowing where to idle. Anymore help appreciated
  7. So i cleaned the throttlebody on the vr6 iv got the now and the engine was out as i fitted a new clutch however i now have the problem of a bad idle. Iv searched about and it seems that i somehow need to reset the idle position on it to let it know its proper idle. Its obd2. The car will idle between 1k - 2k as if its hunting and then if i disconnect the tps and icv it will settle for a little while then i plug them back in and it idles where it should. However then on taking it a drive the idle on coming upto junctions dies almost fully if not stalling. Any help appreciated.
  8. Ok so bit of a problem im looking to solve. Did my vr conversion like a year and a half ago now. For a while where i stay and not using it iv just been disconnecting the battery to stop it draining,however iv sorted this and relised i had my electric windows plugged into fusebox live and not fusebox ignition live. However on solving it from draining the battery it now seems though they are still sucking more power than should be. When i start the car with the windows plugged into the fusebox it starts but weakly,i have to hold the key maybe 5seconds cranking. sometimes idles lumpy for a few se
  9. Fixed, simple purple wire from loom just needed plugged in.
  10. Looking for some guidance. Had my vr fitted in the car for a while now after coverting it from colour concept. Mk3 vr clocks etc. obd1. The mfa shows everything apart from the mpg which reads 99.9. Is this a simple plug not connected or something else? Got the fusebox and that out the now anyways as my battery keeps draining to trying to sort that out and though may aswell try get this done at the time time. Cheers scott
  11. Nice one mate,had a feeling that as used to only be a tiny bit but now if a leeve it tikn over a wee puddle fo oil appears. Reckon itl be the same sensor used on a 2.0 8v? Got one sitting from my old engine.
  12. Looking for some guidance before i set about fixing it. Got an oil leak coming from the top of my filter housing where one of the sensors goes in. The one on the right hand side(blue cable) Firstly looking to know what it is,oil pressure maybe? and secondly weither i should just replace the sensor,have to replace the whole filter housing or if i can jst take it out put some gasket sealer round it and bung it back in? Also can anyone give me the part number for the blue sensor in the thermostat housing..the one for the ecu engine temperature i think it is?? Going to buy a new genuine one rather
  13. Ohhh dear.. i best get my machine polisher out!!! :-p Looks real good mate' date=' ive got various compounds ready to try out on my machine polisher, just need the time and the weather!! How long did your machine polishing take start to finish?? [/quote'] I used meguiars cleaner/polish for most of the rotary work. Started spreading it at setting 1 on my polisher then working upto around 2000rpm and back down again to finish off. After that i had speed glaze to try but never used it. Used chemical guys extreme top coat sealnt and then r222 concours wax to finish it off. Took me about 2-3 days
  14. Yeh defo is original paint on pretty much 90% of the car. Iv only had the bonnet and under rub strips on drivers side done due to some surface rust. Next would be to do the otherside under rub strips just due to stone chips.
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