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  1. BigDaddy

  2. Plug and play remap

    Yo anyone know what I'd be looking at after a simple plug and play remap at there's no where on guernsey with a rolling road to do one? Would be fitting a raceland manifold, cat-back with high flow cat and aftermarket center and rear silencer, looking at a ram air air intake like the bmc cda but it's cheaper [emoji23] think it's an obd2 manual haven't actually got the car yet getting it on the 3rd
  3. wheel color?

    if you get steelies get em banded, look proper euro aha
  4. help still no heat - (FIXED)

    which golf mate? could the heater matrix just be shagged or even a blockages in the pipe stopping warm aim flowing through to the vents?
  5. that could also explain why your steering wheel wasnt aligned? someones obviously had a go trying to fix it, maybe hit a few speed bumps at speed or those oversized ones which fuk up you car and cost a lot to fix
  6. could the rims be bent after all the curbing? just wondering? is it pulling left on braking or just general driving?
  7. if its scraping either raise it back up or get stiff shocks pref ajustable
  8. rear axle bushes

    HAHAHA i win told you poly all the way mate
  9. Polyflexes

    polys for the rear beam bushes aha hes beening stubborn saying there no good and cause to much vibration. is that the case or have you found improvements with the polys over oem? cheers
  10. Polyflexes

    cheers for the reply! what about the rear beam? i still trying to convince him
  11. 2.8 to 2.9

    i cant why it wouldnt?
  12. my mate just used 15mm spacers and they where perfect, i think 20 will be ine to
  13. right guys i know this has ben covered multiple times but im getting mixed messages so i need it to be clearer (and im trying to convince a stubborn mate that oem isnt the best aha) some people say no vibrations some say loads? ruin steering/makes it better/ makes tyre wear happen more/less ete ete just anything to say pros and cons i need to know from your personal experinces and knowlegde Cheers guys much appreciated for your time
  14. VR6 Remapping? Is it worthwhile?

    hahah i like your plan! but dont you have to remap it for the turbo to work properly?
  15. VR6 Remapping? Is it worthwhile?

    i would just chuck the standard golf exhaust and get a raceland 6-1 branch and a miltek/remuse/supersprint catback with a decat and centre box delete, then get either a k&n filtre or BMC CDA system then look into the remap to get the best out of the mods because on there own they dont gain might even lose without the re-mapping. but the guys are right cams are a must and the final drive in the gearbox with make it better. if you want even turbo or supercharge it