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  1. If you bled them out it means they are fully closed so no valve damage will occour.. Make sure engine is just off tdc before bolting down cams just incase !!
  2. I just finished re building the beemer, and it runs pretty darn sweet lol.. Off on the piss now gonna get wasted.. :-)
  3. Nice !!! I'd rather b doing that then re building a bmw engine.. Lol
  4. Nice weather people I have the fun job of doing timing chains and head gasket on a bmw diesel... Any body else up to much on this fine day ?
  5. I have a head that has been skimmed and pressure tested just 4 weeks ago and is 100% pucka, also had the valves re seated and new stem seals fitted.. Has 2.9 corrado cams in there aswell for extra bhp and all the cam pullys aswell.. Ill do it for £150 posted just a case of a gasket and new bolts and away you go... Pm me if needed mate, once paid you could have it by the weekend, save you getting new valves and lifters etc.. I have a receipt from the engineer for proof of the work i had done... Pm me your number if you want to talk about it and ill give you a ring...
  6. Evening Firstly be careful as i spent hours and a grand doing up my vw vento to find out i had a hair line crack in the block, my engine froze up over winder but had no signs of water leak any where, even after i don the head gasket i was still getting oil in the water, i replaced oil cooler, head gasket, timing chains, rad, heater matrix etc etc and still i got oil in the water.. Turned out my block was cracked internally and you cant see it, when it got hot and the crack expanded you could just see a weeping of oil comming oil and my header tank was full of oil... Sounds to me like your luck
  7. I WAS JUST GONNA SAY MAF METER, woops caps lock lol I have a new one if needed, £14 deliverewd
  8. i JUST DONT GET IT.... Cant spend no more time on it or money my babys here in 3 weeks... Its on ebay now so what ever it makes it makes.. I need a car quick lol
  9. Spot on !! dont miss a beat' date=' runs at 90 all the time, no misses, no lumpy idle, no smoke, no rattles it sounds 100 % spot on infact the best sounding vr ive owned... Soon as i drive 10 miles or so the header tank collects about a cm of oil on top of the water, i clamp the header tank hose pipe off so nothing runs back in the system when i remove to tank for cleaning, i empty it all out, clean it with brake cleaner spotless, drive back up the raod and then its full of oil again... Im so PI**ED off with it, i have done every thing 100%, used top make gaskets, bolts, oil cooler and rad...
  10. As some of you are aware i have been having oil issues in my water hense why i got the car cheap, since buying it 3 weeks ago i have done the head gasket, tested and skimmed, replaced all chains top and bottom, fitted a new rad, new heater matrix.. and a ton of other stuff lol... After i ran the car round for a day i noticed that my coolant tank had oil floating on the top again, so i used forte bio degreaser which ads to the coolant to flush all the oil out thinking it was the remains of the head gasket job comming to the top, i then filled with clean anti freeze and away i went.. Next day no
  11. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=300519688437&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT They look good, think thats what im going to get...
  12. These ones i was looking at, i have a paypal account full of dollar too lol.. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=300519688437&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT
  13. Prob just do the springs, i know its the wrong way but i just cant afford shocks after doing timing chain, head gasket, clutch, gear box and a heater matrix lol all in 2 weeks... I had sum cheap coil overs on my old mk3 golf, 129.99 delivered from germany, they where cheap but i had it 12 months with no dramas, was thinking off going coil overs again lol... You got any shocks or springs for sale matey ?? cheers
  14. As in all mk3 golf springs will fit the vr6 vento ??
  15. These say not vr6 with air con and up to 1994... Mines a 1996 vr6 with air con lol http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/VW-Golf-3-Vento-GTi-VR6-Spax-SSX-Lowering-Springs-60mm-/360274335879?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item53e2061887
  16. Evening all Wanted to lower my vento but cant find any 60mm springs for a vento and i was wondering if vw mk3 golf vr6 spriongs will fit a vento vr6 ? To me the suspension all looks the same as a golf but i want to ask before i order... Cheers guys..
  17. All done and dusted now, only prob is my fan seams to blow flat out now, even if i stick the climate control on manual it still blows flat out, its either flat out or off.. I wonder if i damaged the reastat, or pulled the wire off by accident.. ?
  18. Fantastic mate Just what i wanted to hear, i thought maybe if i removed the support bar i could tease the heater box forward just enough to gain access to the top screws and with enought clearance for the pipes to clear the bulk head... Ddid yours have air con mate ? i seam to have a awful lot of wires going accross mine plus its got climatronic so even more wires.. yours have air con or climatronic ?? cheers bud
  19. A closer pic of heater box, just wondering if i can pull it out 2 " toi gain access to the heater matrix screws and pull it out rather then take it all out...
  20. Evening all Just in the middle of changing my heater matrix on my mk3 vw vento vr6, it has air con and climate control or climatronic as they call it I have the dash all stripped out but still have the support bar and colum attached to eath other and the heater box still in place on the bulk head.. See pic I was wondering, is it possible to just remove the support bar, and just unbolt the heater matrix box from the bulk head to pull it forward a couple of inches, i can see the top of the matrix and its 4 retaining screws as it sits now, and i was hoping if i just pulled it out 2 " id gain en
  21. The filter has prob gone rusty due to lack of changing it, how ever i will say its plastic pipes which then goes into rubber pipe then that joins the fuel filter, these little rubber hoses that join on the filter are brittle due to age so take great care trying to get them off, just try turn the pipe whislt trying to pull it off, close your eyes to else ull get a face full of petrol lol
  22. Yer i saw there is a low pressure warning, high pressure waring and a oil temp aswell... 3 sensors in that housing, did you replace both high and low oil pressure switch's.. The oil temp one does sod all as mines dissconnected due to me snapping the top of the bloody sender off lol, the other high and low are most important...
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