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  1. Hi has anyone come across problems with the tappets in the AAA engine when building back up? I drained them but they are still solid when empty and i know of problems with the BAM engines tappets which can cause the valves to sit open and hit the pistons. Any info would be appreciated. Cheers.
  2. the update its offering won't install. could be a while before they sort it the wankers.
  3. Auto engineer... no bloody work at the minute tho!
  4. Saw one here mate http://www.tobees.co.uk/Draper-Drain-Plug-Key-17mm-Hex.html
  5. Are the any in Scotland at all?
  6. Looks like its a wrong fit mate. Its unlikely that the caliper has moved cos it would have come off if the bolts were to shear.
  7. You could try an oil additive from a company like lucas. It can help rattles like yours and since it sounds like it goes away when the engine reaches operating temperature, I wouldn't imagine it being too serious. Also, you say the lifters were "looked at". Depending on how and how much you drive their condition could have changed.
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