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  1. Can someone reccomend what oil to use in the rear diff and gearbox of a 2001 4 Motion ? I have been looking at VW oil, but is expensive for what it is. Does anyone know what other makes of oils will suffice ? Am i right think fully synthetic is best ? Does anyone know if i need a 80w,85w or 90w oil ? And how many litres i need ? Help and Suggestions are appreciated. Richard
  2. Does anyone know what spark plugs i need for my 2001 BDE 4 Motion ? BOSCH ? NGK ? Does anyone know what is fitted as standard ? Plus if anyone has the torque values that'd be great. Cheers Richard
  3. Looking good mate. The wheels set it off ? Anymore plans ?
  4. The wheels are different. Set it off :-)
  5. Looks a not bad VR. Shame about the box going :-( Am i guessing the gearbox swap wasn't an easy one to go to manual
  6. Looks a good wee project you have there :-)
  7. I love it. You don't see many white VR's gong about
  8. Looking good What your plans for it ?
  9. Thats swet as f*ck mate. Keep up the good work :-)
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